Qualcomm’s participation in 2020 Service Trade Fair: providing services for Chinese enterprises to realize domestic and international double circulation in 5g Era

In the 5g era, global industrial cooperation is getting closer and closer. In early September, the 2020 China International Trade in services Fair (hereinafter referred to as the fair) will open in Beijing, gathering many international organizations, business associations, well-known enterprises and so on. Among them, Qualcomm, as the world’s leading wireless technology innovation enterprise, will show 5g, AI and other cutting-edge technologies and their application practices, and announce its strategic cooperation with Chinese partners at the conference. At the same time, Alex Rogers, executive vice president and President of technology licensing business of Qualcomm, and Meng Pu, chairman of China region of Qualcomm, will participate in the high-end forum to discuss the development of global digital economy in the 5g era with the guests.

“Regular visitors to the Expo” once again participate in major exhibitions in China, with 5g as the highlight

Jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and Beijing municipal government, the service trade fair is the world’s first comprehensive exhibition in the field of service trade. With the theme of “global service, mutual benefit and sharing”, it shows the progress and determination of China’s service industry in opening up to the outside world. Together with the China International Trade Fair and Canton Fair, it has become China’s three major exhibition platforms for opening up to the outside world. As the first batch of enterprises confirmed to participate in the first China International Trade Fair, Qualcomm has participated in the fair for two consecutive years and attaches great importance to the service trade fair.

Meng Pu, chairman of Qualcomm China, said that the 2020 China International Trade in services Fair, together with the Canton Fair and China International Fair, has built a comprehensive, three-dimensional and open communication platform. As an enterprise participating in the exhibition, keynote speech and cooperation, Qualcomm actively supports Beijing in comprehensively promoting the opening-up of the service industry, strongly echoes China’s determination to promote international cooperation in service trade, and hopes to show innovative technologies and product services cooperating with Chinese partners through the exchange platform built by the service trade association, so as to promote digital economy in the new situation Economic development has become a model for international cooperation in the field of science and technology.

During the service trade fair, Qualcomm will display a number of 5g cooperation achievements in the core exhibition area of information services, involving 5g smart phones, XR, robots and many other fields. Especially in the aspect of smart phones, as early as January 2018, Qualcomm and leading Chinese manufacturers jointly launched the “5g pilot program” to accelerate the development of 5g smart terminals. Nowadays, 5g mobile phones on the market cover a number of different prices, among which more than 10 domestic mobile phone manufacturers and brands have successively released 5g flagship smart phones equipped with snapdragon 865. In addition, Qualcomm has not stopped at smart phones. At present, it has launched a variety of 5g solutions for more product types, including the world’s first extended reality (XR) reference design supporting 5g and the world’s first robot RB5 platform supporting 5g and AI. At the booth of the service trade fair, the Ruying coffee robot based on the RB5 platform of the service trade fair will also provide guests with master coffee with both taste and vision through 4G and 5g network connection and Qualcomm artificial intelligence engine technology. These in-depth application scenarios are not only the commitment of Qualcomm to continuously promote the development of 5g, but also the result of joint efforts with partners.

Technology enabling + global services, Qualcomm supports domestic and international dual cycle and international development of Chinese partners

At the conference, Alex, executive vice president and President of technology licensing of Qualcomm Rogers will also deliver a keynote speech at the “digital trade development trends and frontier Summit Forum”, bringing 5g progress from a global perspective and its impact on the digital development of Global trade, deeply exploring the current opportunities, and striving to promote global industrial communication, cooperation and development. Meng Pu, chairman of Qualcomm China, will also attend the “5g emerging service trade development forum” and deliver a keynote speech focusing on 5g’s progress in the world and China, the future development trend of 5g technology, and the cooperation between Qualcomm and its Chinese partners in the 5g field.

This year’s service trade fair also specially designed a special activity “new product launch” to build a platform for enterprises to release new achievements and services. At that time, Qualcomm will release the latest strategic cooperation with its Chinese partners to help the whole society “transfer the power of life with the power of science and technology”.

With more than 20 years of development in China, Qualcomm has maintained extensive, long-term and close cooperation with China’s communication industry. Today, Qualcomm is working with its Chinese partners to jointly promote the “5g pilot program” and further deepen and strengthen cooperation in the face of the global opportunities brought by 5g. From technology and demand understanding, product design, accurate implementation to testing in different markets around the world, through complete technical services, Qualcomm can support these Chinese manufacturers to launch new products in hundreds of markets around the world at the same time. Since the beginning of the year, a number of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers have not only continuously released 5g smart phones based on Qualcomm Technology in the domestic market, but also achieved good performance in overseas markets. This is the latest example of Qualcomm joining hands with Chinese partners to explore 5g markets at home and abroad and create a new development pattern of domestic and international double circulation and mutual promotion.

As a leading wireless technology innovator in the world, Qualcomm is also a driving force for 3G / 4G / 5G R & D, business and scale implementation. By connecting mobile phones to the Internet, the invention of Qualcomm has opened the era of mobile Internet, and its basic technology has enabled the whole mobile ecosystem. Qualcomm also brings the advantages of mobile technology to new industries such as automobile, Internet of things and computing, creating a new world where people and everything can communicate and interact smoothly. The contents of the exhibition at this service trade fair will let customers, partners and the public know more about the cutting-edge innovative technologies, product portfolio and solutions of Qualcomm in 5g, artificial intelligence, mobile connection experience, Internet of things and other fields, as well as the important achievements made by Qualcomm in many fields with its Chinese partners, which will once again reflect the “rooted in China, sharing wisdom” of Qualcomm The firm commitment of “achieving innovation”.

According to the public information, 141 international organizations, embassies, business associations and institutions in China have decided to participate in the conference, and more than 2000 domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions will participate in the conference, including many industry peers and partners of Qualcomm. Focusing on the direction of “internationalization, specialization, marketization and technology”, this year’s service trade fair will integrate cultural services, financial services, winter sports, tourism services, 5g communication services and other important sectors and contents, establish a new “1 + 8 + n” exhibition mode, and show Beijing Municipal Government’s confidence and confidence in providing an open service exchange platform for Chinese and global enterprises and boosting economic recovery to bear. Coming soon. (Zhao Chao)

(editor in chief: Zhao Chao, LV Qian)