Quality price ratio of the first choice of amazing office tools! Evaluation of HP vs. x sharp Dragon

For enterprise users, high-performance, stable, worry free computer is the first choice. High performance can bring higher office efficiency for users. It is not necessary to spend time on “waiting” to open office software and run office software. It is necessary for business users to keep a good working attitude and complete their work tasks efficiently if they have stable blue screen, no crash, or even long-term barrier free operation; and after-sales worry free can be the most convenient way Eliminate all worries, even if their own computer problems, can quickly get professional solutions. < p > < p > based on this, HP has launched a series of high-end business books for start-ups and white-collar workers, namely, battle X. HP War series is a well-known business notebook series in the industry, and its overall positioning is very clear. It is dedicated to creating a reliable office platform for entrepreneurs and white-collar workers. Therefore, in order to fit in with the purchasing power of the target group, the war x sharp dragon version relies on the AMD sharp dragon platform to achieve a better quality price ratio. Based on the 4699 to 5799 mainstream price segment of HP and X sharp dragon version, has the characteristics of no less than 8000 price business. < p > < p > HP vs. x sharp dragon has a simple and concise appearance, and can read the design language of its business style at a glance. HP’s classic logo is designed in the center of a side, and the overall color is silver + black. < / P > < p > the mold of this product has been adjusted in detail on the basis of the previous generation, so as to make the overall feeling more neat. The machine has good workmanship and solid materials. The three sides a, C and D are made of metal materials and cast by integrated molding process. At the same time, CNC diamond cutting technology is used to polish the touch panel and fingerprint identification device. The overall impression is very good. < p > < p > the HP and X-ray version I have in hand is a 13.3-inch version. Because the proportion of screens reaches 85%, it is equivalent to the fuselage of a 12 inch notebook. The overall weight is only 1.27kg, which makes it very light to hold. In addition, HP vs. x Reebok also has 14 inch and 15 inch products, covering the needs of different users. < / P > < p > although it is a 13 inch product, HP’s and X-ray’s version has a full-size ultra quiet keyboard. The key cap has large area, soft touch, comfortable knocking and no noise. Its key range is 1.5mm, which is quick to trigger and has distinct elastic feedback. It is suitable for business office. In addition, in the actual use process, we can feel that the internal hardware layout of HP and X-ray is close to the top, far away from the frequently contacted area, so the temperature in the keyboard area will not feel very high, which also enhances the overall use experience. < / P > < p > in addition, the keyboard of this product also supports splash proof. Usually, when we go to work, we always like to make a cup of coffee, drink tea or drink. When we accidentally overturn the cup, if the computer supports anti splash design, it will leave users with sufficient data copy time and water stain processing time, so as to ensure the safety of user data to the greatest extent. < / P > < p > the left and right sides of the keyboard are equipped with loudspeakers, and the triangular stitching is quite dynamic. This machine uses B & O speaker unit, the overall sound performance is good, in the sound atmosphere to create a good experience. < / P > < p > the right carpal support area is equipped with fingerprint identification device, which can ensure the safety of machine data by inputting fingerprint. At the same time, with the infrared camera module, face recognition can be realized, so as to achieve dual bio safety authentication. In addition, the camera of this machine is equipped with a physical baffle, which can completely solve the security risks with a simple push. < / P > < p > the touch panel of HP vs. x sharp dragon adopts the integrated design, and the diamond cutting technology is used to create a bright bread edge. The touch panel has a delicate overall feel and obvious friction on the surface, which can help users control more accurately. In terms of interface, HP’s 13.3-inch model is equipped with power jack, HDMI interface and two full-function type-C interfaces. < / P > < p > the left side of the body is equipped with a safety lock hole, two usb-a 3.1 interfaces and a 3.5mm headset jack. For example, HP’s hard disk version is easy to connect and expand, and it is easy to connect with various external devices, such as hard disk, hard disk and so on. < / P > < p > nowadays, more and more laptops begin to pay attention to the improvement of screen quality. This screen carried by HP and X AMD is very good. It’s 13.3 inches in size and uses DC dimming to provide a more comfortable viewing experience. < / P > < p > first of all, the color gamut coverage of this screen is 100% sRGB, 76% Adobe RGB, 77% P3 and 71% NTSC. The four color gamut coverage reaches a very high standard, and the color details are rich. Even professional users in the field of visual design have no problems. < / P > < p > after having a wide range of color gamut coverage, the performance of this screen in terms of color accuracy is also very good. The measured average color accuracy Δ e value is 0.81, which reaches the professional display level, and the color restoration accuracy is very good. It can be seen that HP’s adjustment of this screen is quite in place. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that the high configuration version of this machine also supports the optional anti peeping screen, so that the information on the screen will not be leaked even when working in public places, so as to ensure the business privacy of enterprise users. < / P > < p > the most common application of enterprise users is video conference. Therefore, HP and X-ray provide users with 88 ° wide-angle camera, dual microphone array, and 360 ° pickup noise reduction function, which can bring better video conference experience. < / P > < p > recently, although our work has gradually returned to normal, and there are more offline meetings and activities, there are still many times when we need remote video conference to communicate. In the process of video conference, I think many friends have encountered the problem of microphone noise, and HP and X sharp dragon version of the microphone with the pickup noise reduction function can effectively reduce the noise, and give the video conference a more comfortable and quiet environment. < / P > < p > this time, the HP and X-ray version I got is equipped with AMD ryzen 7 Pro 4750u low-power processor, which is the high-end model of the sharp dragon 4000U series processor, and is specially launched for business. Therefore, although it belongs to low-power processor, the actual performance can not be underestimated. In addition, amd sharp dragon pro level processor also supports memory encryption technology, which can effectively protect user data security. < p > < p > AMD ryzen 7 Pro 4750u processor is an 8-core 16 thread low-power processor, which makes it have excellent multi-threaded task ability. It is manufactured by TSMC 7Nm FinFET process, with the main frequency of 1.7GHz, the maximum acceleration frequency of 4.1ghz, and 8MB three-level buffer. < / P > < p > in the cinebench R15 test standard, the multi-core score was 1446cb and the single core score was 181cb; the multi-core score of cinebench R20 was 3260cb and the single core score was 233cb. From the test results, HP and X-ray version did a very good job in performance tuning, and released the performance level of this processor, which basically reached the performance level of some standard pressure processors at this stage. In the practical application of processor, rendering is the most important application. We use V-Ray benchmark to evaluate its 2d rendering ability. The test result of its sample number is 8825, which is very good in the mobile low-power processor. It shows that the V-Ray benchmark can provide high efficiency in rendering applications, greatly save rendering time, and help users improve their work efficiency. In summary, AMD ryzen 7 Pro 4750u is a low-power processor, but its performance is unexpected. It does not lose the standard pressure processor used in some game books. Therefore, it gives high-efficiency computing power and rendering ability to lightweight notebook computers. In terms of hard disk performance, we use crystal diskmark to test its performance. The results are as follows: when 1gib data is tested for five times, when the queue depth is 32, the read speed of SEQ is 3568.9mb/s, and the write speed is 2986.9mb/s. The overall performance belongs to the high-end level of the current solid-state drives. In fact, from the perspective of processor and SSD performance, HP vs. x sharp dragon has reached the performance level of some 10000 yuan business books, and its price is only half. < / P > < p > the final test results are shown in the figure above: the scores of basic functions such as video conference, web browsing and application startup are 8874; the productivity score of documents and tables is 7444; the score of image editing, rendering, video and other digital content creation applications is 5302, with a total score of 5053. In terms of the results, it belongs to the high-end level of the current light and thin book, commercial to notebook computers. Meet all kinds of documents, forms, office needs, no pressure, can deal with basic video editing, rendering and visual applications. < p > < p > the AMD ryzen 7 Pro 4750u processor of HP and X-ray is fully released, but will it bring pressure on heat dissipation in such a thin fuselage? Let’s take a look at the cooling performance of this machine. < p > < p > from the AIDA 64 FPU copying performance, the average core temperature is 96.9 ℃. After all, AMD ryzen 7 Pro 4750u processor has eight cores, and its stable TDP reaches 24W, exceeding the standard 15W TDP, and the frequency is stable at 2.64GHz. It can be seen that HP did not take a conservative attitude in terms of heat dissipation in order to fully release the performance of this processor. < / P > < p > in addition, it should be noted that Aida 64 FPU test is to fill all the cores of the processor, and the load is extremely high. If you use office, Photoshop and other software in office, you will not achieve such a high load. According to the actual experience, the corresponding core temperature is basically maintained at about 60 ℃. < / P > < p > in addition to having a good cooling experience, HP and x-sharp dragon also have an ultra long battery life of up to 24 hours, making office without plug-in power become the norm. < / P > < p > in order to verify whether HP and X-ray have such long-term endurance, I have been using this machine for entertainment and office in recent days. In fact, HP and X-ray play HD video for one hour, about 5% of the power is lost, and the battery life is very good. < / P > < p > in the light-weight office applications such as Photoshop drawing and excel table making, HP and x-sharp dragon have better endurance, and the power loss in one hour is only about 3%. Therefore, it is quite easy to achieve a one-day office without plug-in. < p > < p > in the field of business PC, HP gold medal after-sales is well-known. In order to bring the greatest convenience to users, HP has pre installed huibutao on the version of battle x sharp dragon. After you open huibutao, you can easily find the after-sales channel of various common problems here. At the same time, professional engineers can answer your problems online at any time, which can be said to be quite considerate. < / P > < p > in addition, users can enjoy one-year on-site service, six months of 7 × 24-hour after-sales service, and one year’s broken screen insurance guarantee, which can completely solve the worries in the future. HP and X sharp dragon will be launched on August 31, and the first price of this evaluation model is only 4999 yuan