Quantum computing pioneer Chirac: quantum computing has gone too far and sensing will pay off soon

“The society may pay special attention to quantum computers, but I think quantum sensing and quantum precision measurement will be quantum technologies that can be applied in the near future. For example, in the medical industry, enterprises that invest in related fields may have a return in three to five years.” At the third world top scientists Forum recently held in Shanghai, Ignacio Chirac, director of the theory department of Max Planck Institute of quantum optics, received media interviews including surging news via video link to “reduce the fire” of quantum computing. This Spaniard is actually a pioneer in quantum computing. One of his “famous works” is that he and his colleague Peter zoler proposed the world’s first feasible quantum computing model ion trap quantum computing. The theoretical scheme has been successfully implemented by many experimental groups, which plays a pioneering role. < / P > < p > the dream of quantum physicists is to make atoms immobile at a point in space for measurement and manipulation. The so-called ion trap is to make a “trap” to trap the atoms by using the interaction between the electromagnetic field and the charge in the atom. In 1995, Chirac and zoler used this tool to find the possibility of quantum logic gate operation with atoms. < p > < p > 24 years later, in 2019, Google announced the realization of “quantum hegemony”, combining 53 atoms to surpass the top supercomputers in computing speed on a non practical problem. But Chirac thinks that although the quantum computer is bigger and stronger, it is still too small. The truly scalable quantum computer has long channel resistance. < / P > < p > “quantum information has entered an exciting era. Scientists developed those basic ideas just to open up the boundary, but now they have the possibility of landing in society. Many companies are investing to see if quantum information can help their businesses. It’s new to me. ” Said Chirac. Looking forward to the future of quantum technology in one sentence, he concluded: “you may have heard of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology allows people to enter and control the world under the microscope, and is giving birth to a variety of applications. And quantum technology goes one step further, controlling even smaller systems. ” However, Chirac cloud participated in the third world top scientists forum, but Chirac reminded that quantum technology is a very broad field. In addition to quantum computing, which has attracted much attention, there are also many directions, such as quantum communication, quantum precision measurement and quantum simulation. Each of them is changing with each passing day, and there is also the possibility of marketization. In contrast, the latter may have practical applications and commercial returns in the next few years. “As for quantum computers, in the long run, they will certainly have a huge impact on society and industry. It may be a big business, but it is not clear what will happen in the next three to five years.” Said Chirac. “This, of course, is the frontier of touch research, which may lead to some interesting applications and help quantum communication and quantum sensing. Therefore, for venture capital, government and enterprises, this is a high-risk, high-yield investment, and of course, it is worth it. ” However, it is difficult to simulate quantum systems. For example, some materials need to be at ultra cold temperatures to have strange properties, and it takes a long time to design such materials using classical computers. < / P > < p > “quantum computers are now in use. But as I said just now, it will be a long time before quantum computers with the ability to solve such problems will come out. This is another area of quantum research – the significance of the existence of quantum simulators. ” Many laboratories around the world, including Shanghai, are trying to solve specific simulation problems without building a large-scale complete quantum computer. < / P > < p > “quantum simulator can solve specific problems related to material simulation and chemical simulation. The advantage is that the technology is relatively mature, but the disadvantage is that it can not solve many other problems like quantum computer.” Chirac concluded. One of the most cited papers in the field of < p > is the number of papers published. As a scientist in the frontier field, his weapon to keep the frontier is a huge interdisciplinary cooperation network. From it, he constantly draws new knowledge and inspiration. For example, he recently noticed that machine learning can also help quantum physicists to study multi-body physics, which describes complex systems composed of multiple atoms. He also believes that quantum informatics can in turn help artificial intelligence research. Quantum computers can run machine learning algorithms faster, thus surpassing specific problems in the field of quantum information. “A hundred years ago, the paradigm of scientific research was quite different. One could develop relativity behind closed doors. Now, it is particularly important for scientists in the frontier to share new knowledge and inspire each other with partners in other fields. ” Said Chirac. There are more and more outstanding scholars from China in the cooperation network of Chirac. “China is becoming a major force in the field of quantum technology, and there are many breakthroughs.” “Quantum communication via satellites, for example, has had a real impact in the field, with a lot of technical challenges and high-level research behind it,” he said. The laboratory led by Professor Pan also produced a quantum processor with 20 photons, which also shocked the academic community. In addition, Chinese researchers have made achievements in ion trap, superconducting bit and quantum algorithm According to Chirac, quantum communication is important from the perspective of national strategy, because if quantum computers are built in the future, they will conquer the existing cryptosystem. Although cryptographers are also studying the deployment of “post quantum cryptography algorithm”, they hope to be able to counter quantum computers without using quantum physical tools. However, he believes that these “post quantum cryptography algorithms” can not guarantee that they will not be conquered in the future, so if we think ahead, quantum communication will be deployed sooner or later. In fact, the meaning of “quantum communication” mentioned by Chirac is more than quantum key distribution. He pointed out that the main problem of quantum key distribution is that it can not cover a long distance. There are two possible ways to solve this problem, one is through satellites and the other is through quantum repeaters. < / P > < p > “this will take a long time because they are neither economical nor practical now. If one day one or both of them is economically feasible, quantum communication will replace the existing cryptosystem or even communication mode. ” From the perspective of the process of quantum sensing and quantum communication exploration, Chirac stressed: “if we say that the research we are doing now may be applied tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, there will be economic benefits. Therefore, investment in quantum technology needs to be spread widely. At the same time, we should strengthen contact and cooperation, and develop beneficial applications for the society. ” Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine