Raise the sails of the times with the attitude of struggle

Recently, the beidou-3 global satellite navigation system was officially opened. The independent, open and compatible satellite navigation system built by China has since entered a stage of serving the world and benefiting mankind. < p > < p > since the 1990s, generations of Beidou people have inherited the precious spiritual wealth left by the predecessors of “two bombs and one star”. With the responsibility of “the interests of the motherland are above everything, the party’s cause is greater than everything, and the loyalty mission is more important than everything”, they have overcome all kinds of unimaginable difficulties and dangers, and ignited the light of Beidou with the fire of faith. Over the past 26 years, more than 400 units and more than 300000 scientific researchers have participated in the research and construction. They have made unremitting efforts to promote the development of Beidou satellite navigation system from scratch, from existence to excellence, and from region to the world. “Pursuing excellence” is an important connotation of Beidou spirit in the new era, and advocating struggle is precisely to better realize independent innovation and pursue excellence. < / P > < p > people look up to the stars and pay attention to the Big Dipper. It is precisely because the background of struggle is ever-changing, and it is also because dream and struggle are always the key words of life, and advocating struggle is the unchanging theme. The aerospace science and technology team has been guarding the loneliness of “the desert is lonely, the long river is falling yen”, and it has gained the pride of “exploring the moon in the first nine days and catching turtles in the next five oceans”. In fact, struggle can also be the life state of every ordinary person. A wooden stool, millions of fans, over 100 million broadcast, “a mu grandfather” as a carpenter, “in this life to do this thing well, do carefully on the line,” said “bookworm must be literati, art fanatic skills must be good”. The grand is like the dream of national rejuvenation, and the subtle is like the dream of personal happiness. Struggle is the foundation of building dreams and pursuing dreams, and it is also the foundation for everyone to dream. “We are all trying to run, we are all dreamers.”. Running after dreams is just the posture of struggle, which determines the height and breadth of life for individuals; for families, it is the most clear and affirmative path to change destiny; it is the source of vitality to gather every strength and condense the driving force of social development when placed in the overall situation of the country and the nation. < / P > < p > “each generation has its own struggle, and each era has its own responsibility.” In the era of digital economy, the Internet and big data have created a more open and inclusive environment, providing opportunities for more people to realize their dreams through struggle. From “e-commerce anchor” to “Internet Marketer”, from “online tutoring”, “online course teacher” to “online learning service teacher”, the birth of new occupation and the emergence of new opportunities have built a new stage of economic development and new expectations of people’s life, and opened a new space for everyone to dream. As the times go on, everyone is a witness, a pioneer and a builder. To display talents, to achieve self-achievement, to seize the day and to live up to our youth, to integrate personal struggle into social development, and to make the lives of hundreds of millions of people brilliant, can support the dream of a country to come true. < p > < p > the year 2020 is destined to be extraordinary, to win a decisive victory in an all-round well-off society, and to fight against poverty alleviation. We feel the sense of urgency of “the time and the personnel are urging each other” and we need to have the self-confidence of “everything in the world is hard”. Today’s world is undergoing great changes unprecedented in a century, and profound and complex changes are taking place in the internal conditions and external environment of China’s development. To promote high-quality economic development, maintain social stability, and strive to complete the annual economic and social development goals and tasks, we need to carry forward the spirit of struggle, and use the struggle of hundreds of millions of micro individuals to gather into the driving force for China to move forward. < / P > < p > “struggle itself is a kind of happiness.” The long river of the times is constantly changing, the ship of life can not drift with the tide, so we should take the spirit of struggle as the ballast stone, and set sail forward with the attitude of struggle. Because only by never giving up, never slackening down, and striving and surpassing forever, can we write our work into the voyage of life, deposit our strength on the riverbed of society, and set our dream in the direction of the country and the nation. gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?