Rapid development of artificial intelligence in three months? Don’t pay IQ tax

“After learning python, you can go to heaven”, “zero basic introduction, Xiaobai can also learn in three days” Recently, a variety of artificial intelligence classes have sprung up in the society, claiming that they can get a high salary through a few months’ study. It is not for no reason that the fire in the AI crash course can be ignited. In the past two years, artificial intelligence is in the ascendant. According to incomplete statistics, at the end of 2019, the number of domestic AI enterprises exceeded 2600, and the local governments issued more than 270 AI related policies. The prospect of “money” and the large talent gap make many people yearn for it. When the middle-aged people who are no longer young face the ability panic and the new graduates are confused about the future, the relevant training seems to be able to solve all the problems with one click, and it also encourages the “social people” who are struggling on the road of development. However, what is the so-called “artificial intelligence” it is peddling? According to the investigation, there are some problems in such institutions, such as uneven qualification of lecturers, falsification of students’ resumes, exaggeration of training effect, etc. The so-called “as long as you can read and understand the computer, you can package the teaching and learning meeting in three and a half months” is a pure fantasy. The resume is well packaged and it is proved that it is a complete lie to enter the “big factory” every minute. < / P > < p > it should be noted that although artificial intelligence is a future oriented industry, it is not as light as an armchair. It requires learners to have extremely high comprehensive quality and learning ability. Through long-term learning of underlying technology and interdisciplinary knowledge, it can accumulate step by step. Only in this way can we produce artificial intelligence that follows the laws of science and technology and conforms to commercial principles and is needed by the market, instead of fake and shoddy products that are rashly advancing and misleading concepts. < / P > < p > it’s simple and simple that there’s no easy way to go. But why are so many people willing to believe in the myth of “counter attack” and catch up with the fashionable training course of artificial intelligence? At the end of the day, it’s pragmatism. After the hype of training institutions and the temptation of all kinds of superb marketing words, the rational person may fall into a maze. In essence, these training institutions under the banner of “quick success” are precisely seeking quick and effective psychology of the workplace, and start a precision hunting, which is called cultivating intelligent talents, but actually reaps IQ tax. < / P > < p > learning is not magic. If you just want to be quick, you will get nothing. Back to the topic of artificial intelligence, only from the perspective of “making money” to pursue “hot spots” and “quick success” may be able to make money at the time, but it is also doomed to be ranked at the bottom of the industry and eventually be swept away by the waves. This also reminds us that we should keep “cold thinking” in front of the “virtual fire” of AI rapid success; instead of taking a shortcut to seek counter attack, we should look at the competition rationally, improve skills steadfastly, and eliminate anxiety calmly. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year