Read the four series of iPad, determine the purpose and budget, and you will know who to choose

Most people will think of Apple’s iPad series when they buy a tablet computer, because there are few comparable products in the current tablet market. The iPad is recognized by the majority of consumers because of its good quality and perfect ecosystem construction, which can be verified by the iPad everywhere on the street. < / P > < p > Apple’s iPad is easy to use, but not all series are suitable for you. Among the four series of tablets, the iPad Pro is the most advanced, mainly used for office and design. Of course, the price is the highest. The other three series are mainly used for learning and entertainment. The price of the iPad series is more user-friendly, the design of the iPad air is relatively light, and the ipad Mini is relatively small. < / P > < p > the slogan of iPad Pro is “your next computer, why a computer”. From the slogan, we can see that Apple has confidence in the performance of iPad pro and all aspects. It is an existence that can make laptops sweat. < / P > < p > the iPad Pro series of tablets are mainly available in 12.9-inch and 11-inch versions. They are equipped with liquid retina display, and the display effect is very delicate and lifelike. You will not be disappointed with the performance of this screen in daily watching or design. < / P > < p > iPad Pro also supports promotion’s adaptive refresh rate technology, which enables the screen to adjust from 48Hz to 120Hz with the display content, so as to adapt to different use scenarios, and balance and integrate the two contradictory concepts of power saving and fluency. < / P > < p > the core chip is equipped with a12z bionic chip, which can almost match the desktop level processor, making many notebook computers blush. < / P > < p > in addition, iPad Pro also has pro camera and lidar scanner, face ID, storage capacity up to 1TB, support Apple pencil, touch keyboard and keyboard type intelligent double-sided clip, etc. < / P > < p > the iPad air features a lightweight experience among the four major iPads. In terms of performance, it has A12 bionics equipped with a neural network engine and a 10.5-inch retina display with primary color display technology. Regardless of the display effect or performance, it belongs to the middle and upper level in many tablet computers. < / P > < p > in addition, the iPad air also supports Apple pencil and smart keyboard, which can be used as a laptop. The fuselage weighs less than one jin, and the thinnest part is 6.1 mm, even thinner than a mobile phone. < / P > < p > iPad is a relatively balanced existence in the four series, which takes into account factors such as performance and price. The iPad not only has the powerful performance and function of the computer version, but also has the simple, easy-to-use and flexible multi-purpose that the computer is difficult to achieve. < / P > < p > the new iPad is also equipped with a larger 10.2-inch retina display, supports the use of a full-size intelligent keyboard, and is fully loaded with various powerful new functions of the iPad OS, more than ever before. < p > < p > the ipad Mini is known by its name. This series focuses on small size design and portability. The size of the ipad Mini is only 7.9 inches, or even a little larger than a normal mobile phone, so it can be easily carried out in a bag. < / P > < p > in terms of hardware configuration, ipad Mini has 7.9-inch retinal display, A12 bionic chip, advanced camera, touch ID, storage capacity up to 256gb, support Apple pencil and other features. < / P > < p > in short, among the four series of iPad tablets, if you have a good budget and you buy tablets mainly for office design, you should choose iPad pro. And pay attention to video entertainment can be selected in the other three series, according to the size and price can easily choose the tablet you need. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally