Real me X7 Pro evaluation: a light flagship of leapfrog performance

[pconline professional evaluation] small partners who pay attention to mobile phone products must be familiar with the “Tianji 1000 +” processor. As the turning over work of Fage, “Tianji 1000 +” has won the second place in the mobile phone SOC ranking list released by Antu rabbit in August, next to “Xiaolong 8655g”. How amazing will the realme X7 pro with Tianji 1000 + blessing perform? < / P > < p > when you see realme X7 Pro for the first time, you will definitely be attracted by its extremely colorful and natural glass back cover and the looming “Dar to leap” brand slogan; especially for machines with color matching of “c-position color”, the most complex “3 + 2 + 1” industrial design scheme, namely three grain double plating Ag process, is adopted for the machines with color matching of “c-position”. Through the combination of three different textures, two layers of coating are covered to create a psychedelic color flow. Finally, a layer of Ag glass is used to show the delicate and soft conflict with the bright color surface, which achieves excellent visual effect. This is a triple balance with the texture and color of realme X7 pro, which is unique in the gradual color wave of “aesthetic fatigue”. < / P > < p > realme X7 pro’s front face is popular and has better experience. It adopts a single shot hollowing design with a tolerance of plus or minus 0.05mm, which can not only ensure the beauty of the blind hole of the mobile phone, but also prevent the lens from damaging the screen when the mobile phone falls. < p > < p > in terms of screen, realme X7 Pro chose a 6.55 inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 2400 * 1080. This screen not only uses the new E3 luminescent material, but also has a refresh rate of 120Hz and a touch sampling rate of 240Hz, which makes users more fluent in sliding operation and game scene touch operation, and has faster response speed. < / P > < p > at the same time, the screen adopts the cop packaging technology only used by high-end mobile phones. The global brightness is 800nit, the peak brightness is 1200nit, and there is 4096 level brightness adjustment, so the brightness change is more gentle. The upgrade of G6 ultra-thin screen fingerprint also reduces the screen unlocking time to 350ms. < / P > < p > realme X7 Pro has greatly upgraded in terms of images, equipped with the best camera system of realme. It adopts 64 million Sony imx686 flagship sensor, main camera + 8 million ultra wide angle + 2 million black and white portrait + 2 million macro range four camera combination system. < / P > < p > realme X7 Pro first launched more than 64 million frame technology in China. This is a new upgraded multi frame synthesis algorithm, and its analytical power is comparable to that of a 100 million pixel camera. The multi frame technology of realme x7pro can take up to four pictures at the same time. Through the multi frame technology, the image noise can be reduced and the clarity can be improved, thus greatly expanding the scene range of 64 million ultra clear photos. < / P > < p > through this group of photos, we can find that we can take photos of the same scene and enlarge them to view the words of garbage cans and bus stop signs. The font of photos taken in normal mode has been difficult to identify, but the fonts of photos taken by turning on 64 million frame technology are still clear and variable, which shows that the technology is powerful and highly practical. < / P > < p > with the newly upgraded multi frame algorithm, realme X7 Pro can produce 64 million ultra clear images in dark scenes, with better noise control and richer detail performance. < / P > < p > in the next wide-angle sample, the real self X7 Pro still performs well. It has a 119 ° super wide-angle lens, which can be switched to ultra wide-angle mode with one button. It is suitable for photographing mountains, rivers, buildings and other grand landscapes, and it still does not deform under such a wide perspective. < / P > < p > shooting at night is an important standard to measure the ability of a mobile phone to take pictures. The real shooting ability of a mobile phone is often better reflected at night. Realme rethinks the new solution of night scene shooting and divides it into four gradient functions to meet the complex user needs. With the blessing of Sony imx686 and excellent software algorithm, the night shooting ability of realme X7 Pro is satisfactory enough, and it can shoot bright samples in automatic mode. < / P > < p > in general, the real me X7 Pro is equipped with a satisfactory camera system. The resolution, tolerance and weak light performance of the samples are quite good, as well as excellent dynamic range and super clear rich details. It can also take excellent photos even in low light environment. < / P > < p > realme X7 Pro is equipped with the “Tianji 1000 + 5g” processor, which is the second in the list of Angora and Master Lu, and its performance is very strong. Let’s look at the run data first. < / P > < p > as shown in the figure above, the real self X7 Pro CPU reached 167272 points, and GPU reached 201709 points; through Master Lu’s running points, realme real self X7 Pro CPU reached 158302 points, and GPU reached 173559 points. In addition to its powerful performance, considering that high-speed operation of high-speed configuration during the game will cause the phone to heat up, which will lead to performance degradation. In order to ensure that the mobile phone can always maintain high-performance state and play large-scale games, realme X7 Pro is also equipped with video game class VC liquid cooling heat dissipation, with 100% full coverage of the core heat source, which can significantly reduce the body temperature and make the game time more lasting. In terms of the game, we chose to test the game. Game quality is adjusted to the highest level. In the game test, realme X7 Pro has brought a very smooth game experience, almost maintaining the highest frame rate supported by the game throughout the whole process, which has been highly praised by our test editors. < / P > < p > for a more immersive game experience, realme X7 Pro adopts super vibration tactile engine linear motor. At present, the mobile phone will cooperate with the corresponding vibration effect according to the game scene. In addition to the game, the system is adapted to the vibration mode of multiple scenes, whether it is typing, photographing, or game fighting. In addition, realme X7 Pro is equipped with super linear dual speakers supporting Dolby full scene sound, and has passed the hi res sound quality small gold standard certification, so that you can enjoy higher listening quality. The real me X7 Pro can be said to bring users leapfrog visual, auditory and tactile experience. < / P > < p > realme X7 Pro is equipped with 65W smart flash charging technology and adopts series dual cell design. Compared with other charging schemes, the mobile phone has no voltage conversion and has higher efficiency. It can charge realme X7 pro to 100% in 38 minutes. It is important to charge fast, but more important to be sure of charging. Realme has five safety protections, such as overcharge protection, over-voltage and over-current protection, over temperature protection, extreme situation protection and built-in security IC chip, so charging is finished. < / P > < p > realme X7 Pro is equipped with a 4500mAh large battery. When the mobile phone has only 5% power, it can still use wechat for nearly 90 minutes. < / P > < p > the current bottom layer of realme UI is Android 10. You can feel that the system has been very perfect in the process of use, and there is basically no stuck in daily use. Excellent system animation and 120Hz screen can slide smoothly. < / P > < p > realme UI combines colors with high saturation and brightness in nature, giving people a feeling of youth and vitality. At the same time, the realme UI adds the function of customizing the application icon, which can not only customize the outline and size of the icon, but also adjust the internal graphic size of the icon. Square, round, big and small, let you realize “icon freedom”. < / P > < p > at the same time, the system also has many interesting and practical small functions, such as the game screen function. When you are charging in the exciting battlefield or the king’s Canyon, the social news will appear in the form of bullet screen. Is there a kind of chasing experience. Wechat, QQ and other messages can also be small window reply, so that you play games, also do not delay to see the message. < / P > < p > it is no exaggeration to say that realme X7 Pro is currently the most powerful flagship product of Tianji. It has personality trend and extreme performance, and is very suitable for young people who pursue high appearance value and light flagship experience. < / P > < p > in addition, another product of realme X7 series, its leapfrog performance has also become a highlight. Zhenwo X7 first launched Tianji 800u processor, with an rabbit running score of 340000, compared with Tianji 720, the overall performance is improved by 28%, and supports 5g dual card dual standby. In terms of charging, zhenwo X7 is also equipped with 65W smart flash charging, which is the world’s first 1000 yuan mobile phone equipped with 65W flash charging. Judging from the overall performance and configuration, zhenwo X7 can be rated as the strongest 5g flash charging mobile phone in 1000 yuan segment. < / P > < p > in general, realme x7pro boldly leapfrogged the class in terms of configuration, adopted the configuration of high-end flagship and top-level fast charging, at the same time, at a more user-friendly price; zhenwo X7 series let consumers experience the comprehensive leapfrog in design, use and performance brought by the development of Science and technology. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list