Real me X7 series “c-position color” appearance first exposure, cop process blessing

Last week, realme officially announced that it would hold a new product launch of the real me X7 series on September 1. I’m going to launch the new xrealme series. Today, Xu Qi, vice president of realme and President of global marketing, also officially announced the “c-position color” of realme X7 series, and showed the appearance of the fuselage. < / P > < p > the new machine weighs 175 grams and feels light. In terms of fuselage design, according to the official introduction, the “c-position color” of zhenwo X7 series adopts three grain double Ag plating process, including three layers of texture, two layers of coating and one layer of Ag effect. < / P > < p > combined with the design scheme shown in the schematic diagram, we can see that it has a rectangular rear view module, the color of the whole fuselage is colorful and gradual, and the large logo of “Dar to leap” is printed on the fuselage. < / P > < p > the words “64mp” can be seen in the rear view module of the fuselage. According to this, it should be equipped with a 64 megapixel lens. According to the introduction, it is equipped with a flexible super AMOLED screen and E3 new luminous material, which can effectively reduce the blue light with DC dimming; 1200nit peak brightness, minimum 2nit brightness, 4096 level brightness adjustment; support 120Hz screen refresh rate, 240Hz ultra-high sampling rate, 6 million:1 contrast, covering 100% dci-p3 wide color gamut. < / P > < p > realme X7 series also adopts the cop flagship packaging process, which is the most advanced packaging process at present. It directly bends a part of the flexible OLED screen backward to achieve a visual effect close to “borderless”. < / P > < p > based on the existing information, the realme X7 series is officially known as “the thinnest realme mobile phone so far, the best looking real phone so far”, and it is positioned as a lightweight flash charging flagship. < / P > < p > based on this, the new realme X7 series should focus on light weight and fashion design, and it should also have a blessing in charging capacity, which tends to young user groups. As for the detailed parameter specifications and new machine pricing, more information should follow. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo