Real photo of real me X7 “c-position color” version released: Yang Zi’s endorsement

It home, August 24 news realme zhenwo officially announced today the lightweight flash charging flagship zhenwo X7 series “C-bit color” version of the real machine, which will be released on September 1. < / P > < p > on the brand-new “C-bit color” of zhenwo X7 series, logo design design is iterated again, and realme integrates “dare to leap” brand attitude into mobile phone design. In terms of the color of the back panel, the color luster of zhenwo X7 series “C-bit color” mobile phones is more colorful. With the light turning the body, the spectrum gradually changes and the color changes. < / P > < p > according to the official report, such a highly differentiated C-bit mobile phone with extremely dazzling color effect comes from the efforts made by the design team for eight months, more than 400 hours of color matching and proofing, and five times of pushing back. < / P > < p > in the production process, zhenwo X7 series adopts three grain double Ag plating process in c-position color, namely, three layers of texture, two layers of coating and one layer of Ag effect, so as to achieve the triple balance of technology, texture and color. In terms of body weight reduction, compared with the previous generation products, the ultra-thin fingerprint module is reduced by 91% and the screen thickness is reduced by 30%. In the frame design, the waist line cutting of the sports car is used for reference. The closed-loop line with tension is used to highlight the change of visual rhythm and show the flexibility of the waistline. At the same time, the smooth and hard surface is divided to achieve the visual thinning effect and enhance the strong feeling. < / P > < p > according to the official statement, realme has made a re planning and carding of the overall product strategy of 5g flash charging mobile phones from the beginning of zhenwo V5 series. Zhenwo V series will focus on battery life and focus on 5g popular products. With the configuration of large batteries, it will promote the popularity of 5g strong endurance flash charged mobile phones. The classic X series will take design skipping as the core to bring young users a more pleasant experience in design, flash charging and other aspects at the same price. < / P > < p > it home has learned that realme X7 series mobile phones adopt 120Hz E3 flexible screen and cop packaging technology. At present, there are three models of realme in the Ministry of industry and information technology recently, one of which adopts the front camera scheme with holes in the upper left corner. The mobile phone, rmx2176, carries a 2.4GHz 8-core chip, supports dual-mode 5g network, has a 160.9 × 74.4 × 8.1mm body size, weighs 175 grams and uses 4200mah battery. Huawei has finally made a choice! Xiaomi and ov have also followed up. Have you ever thought about today?