Really “brain hole” Musk releases the latest brain computer interface technology

On August 29, Beijing time, musk, a “science and technology maniac”, released the latest brain computer interface, neuralink device. The device, which is the size of a coin, has a small hole in the head and can be implanted into the skull in an hour’s operation and connected to devices such as Bluetooth and mobile phones. < p > < p > musk showed at the press conference that after the device was implanted into pigs, it could clearly read the brain activity information of pigs, and there was no abnormality in pigs. Musk said the device has been approved by the FDA and can be used for human brain experiments in the future. He said that BCI devices can cooperate with AI algorithms to read brain activity information, and will try to write them in the future, which will be the basis for treating diseases. In the future, if brain computer interface can go deeper into the brain, it can solve some more complex problems, such as blindness and deafness. Continue ReadingAmerican companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?