Really! Foxconn cancelled part of the National Day holiday to speed up production of the iPhone 12

In order to speed up the production of the iPhone 12 and ensure that the production line operates 24 hours a day, Foxconn cancelled the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holidays for its employees and asked employees to work overtime to ensure production. < / P > < p > so far, Apple’s iPhone 12 has not been officially released, but its supply chain has been trying to meet the market’s expected demand for new products. As an important part of the new product supply chain, Foxconn is redoubling its efforts to meet Apple’s orders as soon as possible. < / P > < p > in order to encourage experienced employees to work, Foxconn also pays bonuses to its older employees. One employee said overtime has increased since the summer, and most workers have only four days off a month. Workers in the factory can earn about 6000 yuan a month, while those who work more than 90 days can get “special pay,” according to one employee. Specifically, new workers who work for at least 90 days after September 18 can get 10000 yuan of bonus, but those who work after September 26 can get a bonus of 8500 yuan if they work for at least 55 days. Foxconn will also cancel workers’ Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holidays this year in order to step up production of new iPhones. One worker said some workers would accept the request because they would get triple pay for overtime on statutory holidays. It is reported that the reason why Foxconn is stepping up production is that the epidemic has delayed the previous production plan, and the epidemic has also affected the release date of Apple’s new products. Apple will launch its new iPhone 12 line on October 13, the report said. Skip to content

Author: zmhuaxia