Realme is the fastest to reach 50million sales brands, or millet’s “enemy of life”

Although there are only a few decades of history from the birth of mobile phones to the present, there are countless mobile phone brands, and countless brands have fallen after their birth. If you are a post-90s generation, you must be familiar with blackberry, Nokia, Lenovo, ZTE, Coolpad and other mobile phone brands. After all, they all have a glorious time of their own. Today, many of the original hot mobile phone brands have disappeared, which is a direct indication of the fierce competition in the mobile phone market. < / P > < p > If a mobile phone brand wants to survive and grow in such a cruel mobile phone market, it is absolutely impossible to survive without its own advantages. Take Xiaomi for example, it is relying on the main hit cost-effective out of a road of their own. However, the competition in the mobile phone market is too cruel after all, and Xiaomi can not keep stable by virtue of its cost performance. In the last two years, Xiaomi has ushered in a very powerful challenger. There is such an emerging brand, which is also playing with cost performance. In less than two years, this brand has become the existence of the global top 7, or will become the “enemy of life” of Xiaomi. < / P > < p > seeing this, it is estimated that many people are still wondering who the mobile phone brand Xiaobian is talking about. Of course, some people must have guessed the answer. After all, throughout the whole mobile phone market, there are only a few emerging brands that can challenge Xiaomi. Well, let’s not beat around the bush. Look at a table of smartphone shipment statistics to see which brand is so bold and dare to challenge Xiaomi. From the figure below, we can see that there is a brand whose growth rate is terrible and conspicuous. It is realme. < / P > < p > it is understood that realme became top 10 only 12 months after the first product was released, and then it became top 7 only 3 months later. In addition, it is also the world’s fastest mobile phone brand to reach 50 million sales. If it can make such a brilliant achievement in the whole mobile phone market, its future can be said to be limitless! < / P > < p > the first reason is that realme is not a new brand in the true sense, because it is independent from oppo, so it can get a lot of resources, such as systems, factories, etc., without worrying. As the saying goes, it’s easy to have oppo as a “big tree” in front of it. The second reason is that realme’s products are excellent enough, cost-effective and competitive. Consumer’s eyes are bright, the main thing to buy a mobile phone is to look at the product. If the product doesn’t pass the standard, it’s useless to say that no matter how much. Take last month’s realme X7 series as an example. In terms of performance, appearance and flash charging, it has advantages over other models at the same price. It has a high cost performance ratio. Compared with Hongmi series models, it is not inferior at all. < / P > < p > finally, what do you think of realme? Which one do you think is more cost-effective than Xiaomi? You are welcome to leave your answers in the comments section. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing