Red magic ice wind cooling box released: dual type-C interface + 3.5mm headphone interface

It home on July 28, it news that the red magic 5S game mobile phone conference is in progress. In addition to the mobile phone, the official also released a red devil ice wind heat dissipation magic box, which is known as “the overall heat dissipation efficiency is increased by 56%”.

it home learned that the red magic ice wind heat dissipation box is divided into red magic version and deuterium peak version, and the latter is suitable for mainstream models. Red magic ice wind heat dissipation box uses semiconductor heat dissipation, the speed can reach 8000 rpm, the official said that 1 second rapid cooling.

in terms of interface, two usb-c interfaces are used in the red magic ice wind heat dissipation box, which can use another socket to charge the mobile phone when the external power supply is connected. At this time, the headset can also be inserted into the headset through the 3.5mm interface.

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Author: zmhuaxia