Red rice K30 super large cup officially confirmed: new design + 120Hz screen + Tianji, the price is very moving

On August 11, Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary celebration will release three super large cups, namely, Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition, Xiaomi TV big TV new model and redmi K30 supreme commemorative edition. Lei Jun confirmed that Hongmi K30 supreme commemorative edition belongs to Hongmi K30 Pro Series, not Hongmi K30 series. < p > < p > in order to expand the product line, Lu Weibing divided Hongmi K30 and Hongmi K30 Pro into two series. Each series has several mobile phones. Hongmi K30 series is further divided into 4G and 5g series. There are Hongmi K30 4G / 5G, Hongmi k30i and Hongmi K30 super speed models. The reason why so many versions are introduced is mainly to clear the inventory. < p > < p > this year is the year of 5g popularization. The whole industry is optimistic about 5g, and Lei Jun is no exception. He launched the 1999 yuan Hongmi K30, hoping that this mobile phone can become an ice breaker. However, users did not accept it and were forced to reduce the price to 1299 yuan from 1999 yuan, which was stable at 1399 yuan for a long time. That is to say, this price still needs to launch k30i and K30 speed versions to share the pressure. < / P > < p > Hongmi K30 Pro only has the vanguard version and the zoom version. The difference between the two mobile phones is very small. The former is cheap, and the camera shrinkage is obvious when using lpddr4x storage. The latter is the real flagship. The price is close to Xiaomi 10, but it does not support 90hz refresh rate. At present, the prices of these two mobile phones have dropped to freezing point. Hongmi K30 premium commemorative edition is the third model. At the end of September, the premium version will be launched with the overclocking snapdragon 865. < / P > < p > the original name of Hongmi K30 commemorative edition is Hongmi K30 ultra, which has no difference in appearance from Hongmi K30 pro, and is equipped with Tianji 1000plus processor. Because Tianji 1000 and Xiaolong 865 are not the same platform, they can not share the main board, and the interior needs to be redesigned. Therefore, Lei Jun said that the Super Cup was all redone on the basis of K30 pro. Since we have to do this, there will not be only one mobile phone, and there will be more new ones using the platform of MediaTek in the future. < / P > < p > the red rice K30 premium commemorative edition uses a 6.67 inch AMOLED screen, which supports the popular 120Hz refresh rate in the second half of the year, but this screen is not a K30 As the Samsung screen supporting 120Hz refresh rate is expensive and the price of K30 premium version is quite generous, the screen has to be replaced by csot. Users of Xiaomi 10 who have used csot screen know that there is a gap between this screen and Samsung screen, and the overall color is green. If you care, you can choose K30 pro or millet 10. < / P > < p > Tianji 1000pls supports games very well, and it is good to play games. However, Tianji 1000plus has many problems, and its camera support is far less than that of snapdragon 865. There is a big gap between taking photos and mobile phones carrying snapdragon 765G and snapdragon 865. < p > < p > Hongmi K30 supreme commemorative edition has been put into the network, providing 6 / 8 / 12gb + 128 / 256gb storage combination, front 20 megapixel lift camera, rear 64 million pixel imx686 + 8 million pixel ultra wide angle + 2MP + 2MP four camera combination. Built in 4700mah battery, fast charging has not been announced. It is estimated that Xiaomi 10 pro’s 55W cable will be used. The starting price is expected to be about 2299 yuan. After the release of mobile phones, Xiaomi has basically completed the layout of mobile phones in the price range of 1399-2999 yuan. 5g 1000 yuan machine has Hongmi K30 5g, k30i, K30 super speed version, Hongmi 10x, more than 2000 yuan and less than 3000 yuan, there are Hongmi 10x pro, Hongmi K30 pro, Hongmi K30 supreme commemorative edition and Xiaomi 10 Youth Edition. Although the quantity can not be compared with Huawei, it can meet the needs of the vast majority of users. Yueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo