Redmi G game book review: a cost effective game tool

As a brand specially launched for young users, redmi’s product line layout has become more and more abundant in the past two years. It is no longer a single mobile phone brand. Redmi’s products can be seen in many fields, including mobile phones, TV, wearable devices, smart speakers, laptops, etc., and its high price performance ratio has become one of the most well-known selling points of redmi brand. Recently, redmi launched its first game book, redmi G game book. For college students or young users in and out of the workplace, redmi G game book can be said to be a good choice. Redmi G game book has good performance performance, and continues redmi’s consistent high cost performance ratio. It has no problems in games or daily work. < / P > < p > redmi G game adopts pure black color matching, and the design of cyberpunk is added to the fuselage shell, which makes the notebook have a very strong game flavor in the appearance. < p > < p > redmi G game uses a 16.1 inch high gamut screen, the screen refresh is 144hz, which will bring more fluent visual effect to players when playing the game. At the same time, the screen of redmi G game book adopts the design of three narrow borders, which accounts for 81% of the screen, which can bring a stronger sense of immersion. The screen brightness of redmi G game book is 300nit, with 178 ° viewing angle. When playing games in the dormitory, even the onlookers can easily see the picture of the game. < / P > < p > the design of narrow frame also has the advantage of reducing the volume of the notebook. In this way, even if you need to take the notebook out occasionally, you can also put the 16.1 inch notebook into the ordinary computer bag, which makes it more convenient to carry the redmi G game book. < p > < p > redmi G game uses a full-size keyboard with a key range of 1.5mm, so you can get a good touch of keys whether you are typing or playing games. < / P > < p > the keyboard of redmi G game book supports three levels of backlight adjustment. There are independent marks on the four buttons of WASD. In addition, with the special designed space bar, the overall game attribute is very obvious. One of the most important features of the game book is connectivity, including external keyboard, external keyboard and mouse, etc. in this respect, redmi G game book also performs very well. There is a USB port and a 3.5mm headphone port on the left side of the fuselage. The body interfaces of redmi G game book are very rich. Relying on HDMI, mini DP and type-C interfaces, redmi G game book can realize the layout of triple screen, realize multi screen linkage and carry out multiple tasks at the same time. < / P > < p > redmi G game book’s keyboard, both sides of the body and the bottom are reserved with cooling holes, which can better distribute the heat inside the fuselage. Redmi G game book adopts hurricane 2.0 cooling system, including double fans, double side Jinfeng, four outlets, three independent heat pipes and all copper heat dissipation module. Even if you play the game for a long time, it can keep the redmi G game book within a controllable temperature range. < p > < p > redmi G game uses the 10 generation core i7-10750h processor, adopts 6-core 12 thread design, single core Rui frequency up to 5.0ghz. In terms of GPU, redmi G game is equipped with gtx1650 Ti, adopts a new generation Turing architecture, and has 4GB ddr6 independent memory, which can meet the smooth operation of mainstream games at the hardware level. < / P > < p > according to the results of crystal diskmark, the hard disk of redmi G game book has a sequential read speed of more than 2.4gb/s and a sequential write speed of more than 1.8gb/s. < p > < p > after testing, in the R20 test, the i7-10750h single core score of redmi G game is 497pts, and the multi-core score is 2868pts. Judging from the test results, the overall performance of redmi G game book is excellent. < p > < p > the pcmark 10 score of redmi G game book is 4866, which also shows that the comprehensive performance of redmi G game book is better. Besides games, office is also a good choice. < / P > < p > in terms of games, we use three 3A movies to test, in which the average frame rate is 121 frames, the average frame rate is 62 frames, and the average frame rate is 55 frames. Through the actual measurement of three games, redmi g still has certain advantages in game running speed, and can smoothly run 3A games. < / P > < p > redmi G game book has built-in “millet game box”, which can provide a comprehensive understanding of the running state of the game book, including the running status of CPU, GPU and memory, as well as the current running status of the program in the game book. < / P > < p > through the Xiaomi game box, we can also set the operation mode of the game book, including the balanced mode and the full speed mode. At the same time, we can also use the shortcut key of FN + K to set it, supporting three modes: quiet, balanced and full speed. < / P > < p > redmi G game book supports file transfer between notebook and Xiaomi mobile phone. It can transfer data between mobile phone and computer in unlimited format, unlimited quantity and unlimited size, which will bring more efficient office efficiency and open the boundary between mobile phone and computer. < p > < p > after setting the lock screen password, redmi G game book can be unlocked through Xiaomi intelligent wearable device. When the computer detects that the corresponding Xiaomi intelligent wearable device is far away from the computer, it will automatically lock the screen to protect the data security. < / P > < p > redmi G game book is pre installed with genuine windows 10 and office software. After purchase, you can start to work directly. For ordinary users, pre installed system and office software will be very convenient for use. < / P > < p > redmi G game uses DTS: X ultra sound technology and professional tuning sound system to bring 3D immersive stereo experience. At the same time, it supports eight kinds of sound scene settings, which can present more shocking bass and louder treble. Whether playing chicken eating game or watching movies, it will bring a sense of immersive presence. < / P > < p > redmi G game book still continues redmi’s high cost performance advantage, and is cheaper than the game book with the same configuration, and it is easier to win the favor of users. In addition to the slightly stronger plastic shell, including design and overall experience, it is also a cost-effective game tool for young users. < / P > < p > at present, there is still half a month before the start of school. Redmi G game book is also very suitable for students. With the starting price of 5299 yuan plus the first sale welfare, the purchase price of 4999 yuan is still worth choosing. Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally