Redmi ranked first in the price performance ranking of Antu’s mobile phones in July, and the third was black shark!

The cost performance ratio of mobile phone is an important standard for users to purchase mobile phones. If the price is low and the configuration is high, the phone will certainly be liked by users. If the price is high and the configuration is low, it will not be favored by users. As a result, insiders generally study the relationship between the configuration and price of mobile phones. In order to help you choose the right mobile phone, antutou released the price performance list in July. Which mobile phone has the highest performance price ratio in the range of 3000-4499 yuan? Xiao m will take you to take stock.

Redmi K30 Pro has been make complaints about various shortcomings, but reality shows that the machine still has many merits. The front of the machine adopts a pop-up full screen, and the material is AMOLED. In addition to no high brush, the screen has almost no shortcomings. The back adopts special center design, double-sided GG5 glass + four curved body, which makes it have good texture. The biggest difference between the redmi K30 Pro zoom version and the standard version is the camera configuration. In addition to a main camera using imx686 sensor, there is also a zoom camera, which supports up to 30 times zoom. The shooting effect is a highlight. < / P > < p > the performance of this machine is also powerful. The best chip and the most advanced memory and flash memory specifications have run nearly 60W. In order to give users a full range of user experience, redm has made great efforts to provide users with a battery up to 4700 Ma, which supports 33W fast charging. The performance advantages of iqoo 3 are obvious. In fact, iqoo 3 also has cost-effective advantages, and it successfully ranked second. After all, its price has exceeded 3500 yuan, so it is normal to use OLED screen. Although the screen is only 6.44 inches, it has a thickness of 9.16mm and a weight of 214.5g. The back of the machine adopts a four camera module, and the main camera is equipped with imx582 sensor. Compared with some iqoo mobile phones, it is actually a certain improvement, and also supports video anti shake and super night scene functions. < / P > < p > performance is also one of the advantages of the machine. The iron triangle has no lack of performance. Even if the fuselage is a little thick, many game parties like it very much, especially male users. Iqoo 3 has a 4440 Ma battery built in, which is just right for the weight of the machine. It also supports 55W fast charging, which is a breakthrough. < p > < p > Black Shark 3 is a professional game phone, so all aspects of configuration are basically for the game. The front of the machine is a 90hz AMOLED screen, with a size of 6.67 inches. It can play games smoothly and have a wide field of vision. The back of the machine also has a very aggressive exterior design, coupled with “black shark’s eye”, cool lighting effect, people can’t put it down. The camera is also not disappointing in terms of shooting. It adopts the rear 6400w four shot camera, equipped with F / 1.8 aperture, and based on the raw domain super algorithm, the night shot image quality has been significantly improved. < / P > < p > as a mobile phone that focuses on performance, this mechanism should be equipped with snapdragon 865 processor and a “sandwich” liquid cooling cooling system, so that the mobile phone has both performance and calm state. Its battery is also very good, using 4720 Ma Battery + 65W fast charging, it seems that the game is completely free of worries. < / P > < p > the above three mobile phones are the top three in the price performance ratio of Angou rabbit in July 3000 ~ 4499. After reading these three mobile phones, do you agree with the evaluation of Antu rabbit? gather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?

Author: zmhuaxia