Refute the rumor! China’s Mars exploration for space dominance? Chinese side: the statement does not conform to the facts

At a regular press conference held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on July 24, a reporter asked: China’s first Mars probe, tianwen-1, was launched yesterday. Some foreign media believe that China’s joining the ranks of Mars exploration is to increase its fight for dominance in space. How do you respond to this?

Wang Wenbin: this statement does not conform to the facts. China’s first Mars exploration mission, tianwen-1, has been successfully launched, officially opening China’s independent Mars exploration journey. This is not only a moment to be proud of and proud of by the Chinese people, but also a cause of widespread concern in the international community. Asia Pacific Space Cooperation Organization, European Space Agency, French space research center, German Space Center, NASA, United Arab Emirates space agency, International Academy of Astronautics and other institutions, as well as Russian, British, Japanese and Argentine counterparts sent congratulatory messages or congratulatory videos to China. China is grateful for this.

China’s Mars exploration is an open scientific exploration platform. This Mars exploration mission is not only the result of self-reliance and independent innovation of Chinese space workers, but also the result of international space cooperation. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the exploration mission, China has carried out a number of cooperation with European Space Agency, France, Austria, Argentina and other organizations and countries.

as for some media’s opinion that China’s space activities are aimed at seizing the dominant position in space, this interpretation is not correct. The progress of science and technology should serve the peace and common progress of all mankind. China’s space industry is an important part of mankind’s efforts to explore and utilize outer space peacefully, which is exclusively used for peaceful purposes. As the person in charge of China’s National Space Administration has introduced, the starting point of China’s exploration and Research on Mars is to improve human’s scientific understanding of the universe, expand and extend the space for human activities, and promote the sustainable development of human civilization. The Pacific Ocean is big enough to accommodate all countries in the world, and the universe is so vast that all countries can explore and cooperate together. In fact, since 1996, Mars probes have been launched in almost every launch window. This year, it is a new climax that many countries gather at the Mars launch window and open deep space exploration.

China is willing to carry out international cooperation in the field of space with other countries on the basis of mutual respect, openness, inclusiveness, equality and mutual benefit, so as to make positive contributions to mankind’s exploration of the mysteries of the universe, the peaceful use of space, and the construction of a community of shared future for mankind.

Author: zmhuaxia