Release a month to reduce 800, 100 million pixels + 2K flexible screen, high-end 5g accelerated exit!

Mobile phone photographing is one of the selling points that major manufacturers attach great importance to at present, and it is also an important parameter to determine the comprehensive strength of mobile phones. However, in recent years, Huawei and Xiaomi have taken the lead in the field of photo taking, and both of them have won the first place in DxOMark photography. In particular, Huawei’s mobile phone also launched the super zoom and super night scene functions, which really leads the future of mobile phone photography! However, before Huawei mobile phones, it was generally acknowledged that Samsung’s mobile phones were the most powerful in taking photos, especially Samsung’s note and Galaxy series products. < / P > < p > Samsung also gave Xiaomi its 108mp lens for the first time. Xiaomi 10 Pro once got a full score in DxO. Seeing that the voice of 100 million pixel mobile phones is constantly strong, Samsung also takes advantage of the iron to launch a 100 million pixel mobile phone, a new generation of Samsung note20 The ultra is equipped with a 108mp lens and variable aperture adjustment technology, which makes Samsung note20 ultra the strongest camera king. Although DxOMark’s score is not as good as Xiaomi 10’s supreme edition, the blind test results of foreign media over the years show that Samsung’s mobile phone’s photo taking power is still stronger. In terms of design, Samsung note20 ultra has added Ag glass material, and the whole machine is only 208g! < / P > < p > bronze color matching is one of the highlights of Samsung note20 Ultra. This color matching is especially in line with the aesthetic taste of high-end users, overflowing with a high-end mobile phone color. Among them, Yao Yan black and budding white are mirror glass materials. The screen is the soul of Samsung mobile phone. The Samsung Galaxy note20 ultra uses 6.9 & quot; The flexible screen with wqhd + resolution supports the design of 120 Hz screen refresh rate. In addition, hdr10 + dynamic range and P3 wide color gamut display effect make the Samsung note20 ultra with central hole digging screen design very different, and has also improved its brightness. According to the three-star theory, it has nearly 25% brightness improvement compared with the previous generation! < / P > < p > let’s not talk about other configurations. Judging from this group of configurations, Samsung note20 ultra is indeed a machine king, and its price is close to 10000 yuan. The difficulty to start with is far higher than that of Huawei mate 40 pro and iPhone 12, Samsung note20 The starting price of ultra Guoxing version is as high as 9199 yuan. In fact, such an expensive mobile phone is not the strongest in terms of running points and endurance. The actual game experience is similar to that of Xiaomi 10 supreme edition and Huawei P40 There is no big difference between pro, mainly due to its brand premium and mobile phone texture, but this is often easy to be ignored by users, especially Samsung mobile phone has a poor reputation in recent years, even high-end users have abandoned it, and ordinary users are not interested in high-priced mobile phones! < / P > < p > sure enough, Samsung note20 ultra continues to inherit the rapid depreciation rule of Samsung mobile phones. In a short period of one month, the price of Samsung note20 ultra has become loose. At present, the official does not reduce the price, but some channel vendors hold the Samsung note20 Ultra has lowered about 800 yuan, and the actual price has dropped to 8399 yuan. It’s really surprising to reduce the price so fast. But after the price reduction, it is still more expensive than the upcoming Huawei mate40 series. Calm down and think about it, there is no need to buy it! In terms of details, Samsung note20 ultra supports 8K video recording, IP68 waterproof and Bluetooth s pen pen pen pen pen pen pen pen, etc., so the design and configuration can not be picky! < / P > < p > we have to say that Samsung’s mobile phone has depreciated too fast. Note20 ultra only dropped 800, 100 million pixels + 2K flexible screen, and high-end 5g accelerated exit. Do you think it’s worth buying? Continue Readinggather and watch! Huawei P40 Pro evaluation: excellent mobile phone photography elegant design, do you like it?