Release time is only 1 day away! Huawei withstood the pressure and pointed at the iPhone 12

According to various sources, Huawei mate40 series, the latest Huawei mobile phone, will finally meet you. It will be released on October 15, and the domestic version will be released on October 22. However, many people’s first reaction to this date is how they are so familiar with it? < / P > < p > that’s right. Huawei’s date is only one day away from Apple’s upcoming iPhone 12, which will be released on October 13. Huawei chose this date to directly target Apple! I just don’t know who will win the favor of the public in the end. < / P > < p > you should know that Apple has held a press conference earlier, but it has no plan to let the iPhone 12 meet with you in advance. The iPhone 12 also said that it will launch four models. It happens that Huawei mate40 series is also four models, namely mate 40, mate 40 Pro, mate 40 PRO + and mate40 RS Porsche. You can tell from the name that Huawei has made a big cost this time. All of them are flagship machines. And this phone carries the last Kirin chip, which is said to be as good as Apple’s. < / P > < p > I believe you all know that, for some reason, Huawei’s whole mobile phone chip is not enough, and there is no standby chip, and there may not be such a chip in the future. In this way, this mobile phone may become out of print soon after it is released, which also indicates its popularity. Presumably, a lot of pollen is necessary for this mobile phone. After all, the performance of domestic mobile phones is not inferior to apple, and the price of domestic mobile phones should be more user-friendly. However, the delay in listing also makes people anxious to wait. Just a while ago, or feeling the dissatisfaction of everyone, Yu Chengdong wrote that everything will come as scheduled. This also shows that Huawei mate 40 series will be launched as expected, and it must compete with the iPhone 12. So we can only eat melon quietly and wait for the new mobile phone to meet you. < / P > < p > you should know that Huawei’s mobile phones, as the leader of domestic mobile phones, have not let everyone down in any way. Their appearance is also popular with the public. They can’t find out any problems. What’s more, it has the design of perforated screen, which shows the large screen mobile phones incisively and vividly. Now these two mobile phones will be on the market soon, and the sales volume is certainly even. I don’t know which mobile phone can capture everyone’s heart. Continue ReadingXiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine