Relying on Huawei’s changing fate against the weather, this chip giant has become China’s No.1 in the fight against ultra high technology

Since the end of last year, MediaTek has been making continuous efforts in the 5g chip market. Although Tianji 1000 processor has been put on the shelf for half a year, it has achieved good shipping results in the midrange chip market with Tianji 1000L and Tianji 820 chips. According to the latest data of DIGITIMES Researc, the joint research group has already been the first to win the Chinese mainland’s chip share.

it is no surprise that MediaTek can achieve this result. In terms of chip types and chip quality, MediaTek’s 5g chips are not as good as high pass chips. Although the performance advantage of high-end processor is still obvious in the high-end market, MediaTek firmly holds the initiative in the low-end market with higher chip demand. The Tianji 820 chip alone has become a mountain that is hard to climb for the same positioning high pass processor.

of course, the most important factor for MediaTek to surpass Qualcomm is Huawei’s help. Although Xiaomi, oppo and vivo have purchased MediaTek chips, the sales of mobile phones of the three manufacturers are not at the same level as Huawei. In the first half of the year, Huawei has maintained a market share of more than 40% in China. In the first quarter, Huawei mobile phones put Hisilicon in the first place in the domestic chip market share with its own efforts, which can be seen from its strength.

although Huawei has not replaced all its mobile phone chips with that of the joint development and Research Office, since the end of May, Huawei has released several new models of mobile phones equipped with Tianji 800 processor, and all of them have achieved good sales results. It is undeniable that the growth of MediaTek chip sales is closely related to Huawei.

Moreover, due to the new ban issued by the United States, Huawei Kirin chips can not continue production after September. At that time, Huawei may fully invest in MediaTek. At present, it is reported that Huawei has placed orders for more than 120 million chips with MediaTek. If the news is true, then in the next year, MediaTek may rely on Huawei to help realize the change of life against the weather. It will not only continue to occupy the first place in China, but also likely to realize the reverse overtaking of Gaotong in the global market.

in addition, combined with the information given by Taiwan media before, MediaTek has added orders to TSMC three times. Moreover, more and more domestic manufacturers began to try MediaTek chips on the low-end product line. Although this kind of mobile phone market competitiveness is not high, it is the majority of the manufacturers’ shipment. In order to seize this part of the market, MediaTek has continuously launched low-end 5g chips to lower the price of low-end 5g chips. Counterpoint announced top 5 best selling models: domestic iPhone 11 tops the list

Author: zmhuaxia