Remind wechat in this way, will cause trouble!

Wechat Security Center issued a reminder to severely crack down on renting and selling wechat accounts. It has opened the prelude of cracking down on the black ash production of wechat account leasing and selling. Can wechat be rented? I was surprised and a little excited. The account number password borrows out a few days to have several hundred yuan to obtain, this does not work to obtain again the good thing which does not lose to look for! < / P > < p > wechat explicitly forbids the behavior that damages others or public interests, and establishes corresponding punishment measures. For malicious accounts with illegal behaviors, once found and confirmed, the wechat security system will immediately stop. When the account number is blocked, criminals must find a new account to continue their illegal activities. And the so-called “rent number” is a solution that the black industry organizations come up with. < / P > < p > in the past, merchants could register wechat accounts in large quantities through plug-in tools, and simulate the normal operation of users. However, with the upgrading of wechat attack in recent years, such behavior, commonly known as “robot maintenance number”, has become difficult. Malicious registration of this road does not work, the number business gradually began to “rent” the idea of real micro signal. < / P > < p > a casual search will find that there are not many advertisements for renting and buying wechat on social platforms. Publishers offer quotations of tens to hundreds of yuan or even thousands of yuan a day on the Internet, successfully letting some users give up their wechat account password. However, it has also aroused the suspicion of more users: < / P > < p > it is not the illegal criminal gangs that have the demand for “rental number”, or the gray production organizations that want to play “edge ball”. They put out false advertisements on the Internet, which are called “short-term renting”. In fact, they are stealing numbers in disguise, cajoling users to hand over their accounts and passwords, and then, of course, misappropriate these accounts for other purposes. < / P > < p > and the result of opening the right to use the account to these people is that the user’s account may be embezzled in the later stage, which will directly damage the vital interests of himself and his relatives and friends, or participate in the operation of the network dark industry without knowing it. < / P > < p > on the one hand, the departure of the right to use the account means that the user’s privacy will also be out of protection. Once the user agrees to log in to his / her account, the user’s subsequent conversation may be intercepted. As a result, personal privacy is leaked, and some sensitive content will even be widely disseminated or sold on the online black market. < / P > < p > on the other hand, without prior notice, friends are not aware of the user’s account rental, so the user’s identity is likely to be falsely used. Such as pretending to be the owner of a number to borrow money from friends, apply for loans, harass friends or publish false advertisements to carry out fraud and so on. Recently, Ms. Qin has been hit by the “big pie” falling from the sky Ms. Qin said that she added a netizen to a social networking platform. They had a good conversation and got familiar with each other. After a period of time, netizens asked Ms. Qin if she would like to rent her own wechat. She could pay rent ranging from 70 to 80 yuan a day. Ms. Qin thinks that she has two wechat signals. The number is idle. She can make some free money. Why not? Moreover, he is still pregnant and has no job at home. He also wants to earn a little money to support his family. < / P > < p > the cheater is also a model. In order to make Ms. Qin feel at ease, she also made great efforts to inform Ms. Qin of the change in wechat first, so as to prevent being cheated. Thinking that the wechat didn’t bind her own bank card and there was no money in the wechat account, Ms. Qin told the other party about the wechat account number, password and payment password without reservation. When Ms. Qin agreed to rent more than RMB 80, she offered to pay the rent for another day. When she asked for rent from the other party, the other party said that they would get together in two days. After thinking about it, Ms. Qin agreed. < / P > < p > it was not until Ms. Qin received a call from a friend asking if her wechat had been stolen. After careful inquiry, she found that her wechat had been borrowed from several friends. Ms. Qin immediately froze her account and changed her password. But when she boarded the wechat and checked the transfer records, she found that many wechat friends had transferred between 20 yuan and 200 yuan, and then they were transferred one by one, totaling more than 1680 yuan. < / P > < p > the main victims of wechat leasing are not adults, after all, many customers, colleagues, leaders and family members above. The real victims are the students of primary and secondary schools who take mobile phone online lessons. In order to make some unexpected money, they rent their own micro signals, but the result is that teachers and parents are trapped and their classmates are dragged into the pit. < / P > < p > is such a simple circle of friends. The so-called “free shopping” bug is just to induce people to pay by scanning the code again and again. One by one, they cheated half a class of students in the four hours of wechat rental. < / P > < p > the lessors get 520 yuan, and they lose their classmates and friends, each of whom is 5000 yuan or 10000 yuan. What’s more, they lose others’ trust in you. From then on, your circle of friends is a disaster that people can’t avoid. < / P > < p > this is still an adult college student. You can make up for the scene when the primary and secondary school students and their parents report the case in groups. It’s really a cry, a rebuke, a sound in your ears! < / P > < p > let out a micro signal, but at the end of the day, I didn’t receive the rent. Who will pay the money back? What do you think of the people who cheat with your wechat? This is not the same as stolen account! Selling your account number is not to remind you of the low price of the police. < / P > < p > wechat has a deep “rent number” routine, which promises “daily settlement of fees and does not interfere with users’ normal life”, and users do not need to provide account and password, and they can directly scan the code to log in. The whole set of statements seems simple and harmless. However, during the period when the accounts are rented out, these gangs secretly use the rented accounts to carry out spam marketing, whoring and spreading bad information. These are the main purpose of the lawbreakers to rent the number. However, since June and July, there is only one option for the purpose of renting the number, that is, fraud, and the means are constantly renovated From asking for a red envelope to scanning a number of cards, and then to paying bills, swindlers are constantly changing their routines, and the students at home are also following one another. It’s really urgent! < / P > < p > not only that, because the real name account of ordinary users has the payment function, and generally has no abnormal transaction record, it is easy to be targeted by illegal gangs to split and “wash” the stolen money in their hands, so as to evade the monitoring and tracking of the regulatory authorities and the police. Once the wechat users rent are involved in the “money laundering” storm, their accounts will no longer be “clean”. < / P > < p > for the behavior of renting and selling wechat accounts on the platform, the wechat team has been taking strict measures to prevent users from falling into traps and becoming “accomplices” of lawbreakers. In fact, wechat users have the right to use their accounts, but they can’t rent or transfer their accounts to others, or rent or borrow others’ wechat accounts. < / P > < p > 7.1.2 the ownership of wechat account belongs to Tencent company. After completing the registration application procedures, users can only obtain the use right of wechat account, and the use right belongs to the initial applicant. At the same time, the initial applicant shall not donate, borrow, rent, transfer or sell the wechat account number, or permit the non initial applicant to use the wechat account in other ways. The non initial applicant shall not use wechat account through donation, inheritance, lease, assignment or any other means. < / P > < p > in a word, the essence of renting wechat is a trap set by the network black ash industry in order to commit crimes and evade supervision and tracking by ordinary users. It may not only lead to personal accounts being stolen and blocked, but also have a great probability of endangering others and even the entire network space. I hope that everyone will stay away from this illegal behavior. No matter where you see information like “rent and sell wechat”, you will remain calm and not be confused by the high profits promised by the other party. If such illegal advertisements are found in wechat, they can also be reported through the client or the small program “Tencent 110”. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction