Ren Zhengfei is indeed farsighted, holding two key trumps, which has become the hope of Huawei’s mobile phone

A few days ago, several other bans against Huawei came into effect in the United States, prohibiting Huawei from purchasing chips, and the temporary license for Huawei’s equipment has expired. On September 14, TSMC will formally cut off the supply of Huawei’s mobile phone chips, making the supply of Huawei’s mobile phone chips a problem. Next, Huawei will be more and more difficult, how to get rid of the difficulties has become the focus of public attention. < p > < p > in fact, Ren Zhengfei had expected that his two key trumps might become the hope of Huawei’s mobile phone turnaround. < / P > < p > first of all, Hongmeng system will become a trump card of Huawei mobile phone. Since 2017, Huawei has been building Hongmeng core. In 2019, since the launch of Hongmeng OS operating system in Huawei developer conference, the attention has been high. In September this year, Hongmeng 2.0 system is expected to meet the public. Now, Hongmeng has completed the adaptation on the smart screen. < / P > < p > on Huawei mobile phones, many functions of Hongmeng system have been infiltrated unconsciously. As a key step for Huawei to realize the interconnection of all things, Hongmeng system will be adapted to the terminal products such as tablet and wearable devices in the future. According to the news on August 16, supply chain enterprises will implement product upgrading to match Hongmeng system. Perhaps in the near future, Hongmeng will be applied to Huawei mobile phones. Secondly, HMS application ecology is Huawei’s second trump card. After Huawei was banned from using Google GMS, its overseas market share fell sharply. Huawei has been in the European market for many years, and has made good achievements, but now it has been hit hard and heartbreaking. To this end, Huawei launched HMS to enrich its own ecosystem. According to Yu Chengdong, nearly 1.6 million developers around the world have registered with HMS, and 81000 apps have been connected to HMS core. From this point of view, HSM has formed a certain scale, only waiting for formal application in Huawei mobile phones. Recently, news from the supply chain seems to indicate that Huawei’s mobile phone will be connected to the HMS ecosystem. However, it is still uncertain. < / P > < p > nowadays, consumers are looking forward to Huawei’s two trumps and pay high attention to them. In addition, Huawei is striving to “de beautify” its products and technologies in response to the US suppression. To this end, Huawei launched the “Nanniwan project” to achieve this goal. The top management of Huawei once said that Huawei’s goal this year is to “survive”. Ren Zhengfei has said that Huawei will reduce production in the next two years, but it will regain its vitality in 2021. It is worth looking forward to what kind of surprise Huawei will bring in 2021. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12