Ren Zhengfei tells you how terrible it will be to live a life without reading

But 24-hour living in monitoring, wearing GPS satellite positioning monitoring, can only move in the specified areas, regularly report their whereabouts to the official < / P > < p > “one of the most important things you have to do when you’re on the journey of life is to accept reality. Because, to accept the reality willingly is the first step to overcome all difficulties. ” After Meng Wanzhou was arrested, a reporter interviewed Ren Zhengfei: “what if you and your daughter went to Canada and were arrested together?” With a smile, Ren Zhengfei said softly, “then I’ll have a good chat with my daughter. By the way, I’ll read and learn about the development history of the United States over the past 200 years, and then write a book about how China should rise in the next 200 years and learn from the United States.” < p > < p > Ren Zhengfei is such a great man. In the face of criticism and questioning from the United States and the insult of the United States to force his daughter to wear electronic foot cuffs, he is calm and shows his absolute self-confidence that “soldiers will come to cover up the water and cover up the earth”. When Ren Zhengfei was 43 years old, he was cheated because of a mistake in business. He was not only expelled from the company, but also had a debt of 2 million yuan. His wife divorced him. At that time, Ren Zhengfei, together with his parents and children, crowded into a small house of more than ten square meters, borrowed 20000 yuan and founded Huawei in a simple house. In the following 31 years, Ren Zhengfei experienced countless fatal crises. In the end, Huawei was built into the world’s largest communication equipment supplier through intelligent wolf management, which made Huawei look like Americans were afraid of. Indeed, as the spiritual leader of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei’s achievements today are closely related to his being a scholar. < p > < p > for decades, Ren Zhengfei has used all his fragmented time to learn knowledge and experience from books, so that he can keep up with the pace of the times and career development. He was once rated as “the Chinese businessman of the year who loves reading most” by fortune When he was most frustrated, he read it and realized his mistakes. He also used the experience of the outstanding people in the book to learn and use flexibly to lay a solid foundation for his own business. In 20 developed countries in Europe and the United States, 5280 people who were born between 1920 and 1956 were selected to study their reading habits from childhood to adulthood and their long-term income level in adulthood. He also surveyed 177 self-made millionaires and 128 people struggling on the poverty line, hoping to find out the cause of the gap between the rich and the poor through comparison. < / P > < p > learning the entrepreneurial history of entrepreneurs, we can learn from their wisdom, and the solutions we can get from them are even more effective and classic than what happened at the moment. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo