Reno4 series is hot selling, oppo 5g mobile phones increased by 50% month on month in June

It home news on July 27, with the acceleration of 5g business process, the mobile phone industry ushered in new changes. Mobile phone manufacturers continue to use 5g to stimulate domestic demand and expand their product lines. The price competition pattern of 5g mobile phones presents a trend of differentiation. In the segmentation market, the head manufacturers began to make intensive product layout. In 2020, 5g mobile phones will gradually move from concept to mass production, from high-end to the public. < / P > < p > the oppo reno4 series launched last month is a 5g mobile phone aiming at 3000 yuan. How about its specific performance, Sano market research through market sales and user data related interpretation. < / P > < p > according to the latest data of Sano retail monitoring database, affected by the epidemic situation, the domestic mobile phone market sales in the second quarter decreased by 6.1% year-on-year, but 5g mobile phones exceeded expectations. The annual sales volume was expected to rise from 120 million to 150 million, accounting for more than 40%. In June, with the launch and hot sale of reno4 series, the sales volume of oppo 5g mobile phones grew the highest, with a month on month increase of 50%. < p > < p > by the time reno4 series was launched, Reno series had already experienced three generations of product accumulation. After the reno4 series came into the market, the sales volume of oppo 5g mobile phones increased rapidly because of its new high sales volume. According to the analysis of the price of RMB 299 / 2500, the price of the mobile phone series increased from RMB 299-9 to RMB 299-9, and the price of the mobile phone increased from RMB 299-2 500. In terms of product functions, the lightweight appearance and 65W super flash charging of reno4 series focus on the users’ pain points in 5g era.

Author: zmhuaxia