Replace the house, which is the best investment in the next five years

A key word for the future will be: individual economy. In today’s society, all kinds of organizations are breaking, individuals are liberating in large numbers, and everyone’s potential will be fully exploited. The so-called “Internet red” is only one manifestation of this phenomenon. < / P > < p > 1. People’s first need is no longer “eating”, but “thinking”. As a post-80s generation, when I was a child, I often saw that there were people in the village who couldn’t eat. But now we seldom see people who can’t eat in the society. Even if someone does nothing, they can “eat and drink”. That is because the overall wealth of the society is on the market, and the spillover value is also high. That is to say, the level of productivity can meet the basic material guarantee of the public. At this time, human beings can not afford to eat Start to enter a critical point: thinking instead of eating has become people’s first demand! < / P > < p > 2. Do you have a feeling that the operation efficiency of all kinds of traditional enterprises is getting lower and lower, no matter what kind of training or management experience is adopted, it is difficult to solve this problem! In essence, it is because the traditional employment relationship is no longer suitable for this era! The traditional company’s organizational structure is being disintegrated and replaced by cooperative relationship and partnership. Only in this way can everyone’s enthusiasm be fully mobilized! < / P > < p > 3. The highly collaborative nature brought about by the Internet has enabled most people’s talents and interests to be put into use, and their life and work have gradually become one. For example, some people write while traveling, while others teach others and learn at the same time, turning their full love into a kind of value. As a result, the world we live in is changing from hard to soft. What is hard? The era of big industry is hard. We have worked out a variety of rules and regulations to form a joint force. Then people need to set the time, do the prescribed things and complete the specified goals, so people are subject to the organization. What is soft? The new information age is soft. In the future, we only need to make use of our strengths and hobbies, do what we like to do, and create value for the world, freedom of time, space and career. < / P > < p > the reason why traditional organizations exist is that information transmission and physical interaction are always limited by space, and people must be gathered together to form a joint force. However, the platform built by the Internet can not only fully have this function, but also build a more equitable benefit distribution system. We only need to make good use of the Internet, and the efficiency will be greatly improved Up. The world is becoming more and more flat, more and more flexible, and of course, it is also soft with strong. < / P > < p > the power of thinking and reflection is huge. When everyone thinks about these problems from the heart, then in the future society, “people” will become the most important factor of production. ASMC, a lithography maker, was one of TSMC’s 14 top suppliers last year