Rescuer E-sports mobile phone Pro cool blue ice blade version on sale on August 18

Since its launch, Lenovo’s lifesaver eSports mobile phone Pro has been loved by many “bone ash” mobile game enthusiasts for its excellent performance and heat dissipation performance. It is reported that its new color and dazzling blue ice blade version has been put on Jingdong and other e-commerce platforms, and will be officially sold on August 18. < p > < p > Lenovo’s lifesaver eSports mobile phone Pro was launched with the snapdragon 865 plus mobile platform. It was built based on TSMC’s 7Nm process. The CPU’s main frequency was increased from 2.84ghz to 3.1ghz. According to the official introduction, the test results of Lenovo lifesaver’s eSports mobile phone pro in Antu rabbit platform exceeded 640000, which is the first echelon of Android camp with proper performance. < / P > < p > Lenovo’s rescuer E-sports mobile phone Pro has a built-in dual battery system, equivalent to 5000mAh, and is equipped with 90W super fast charging technology as standard. It can charge 50% in 10 minutes, and the whole mobile phone can be fully charged in 30 minutes, which is more suitable for the user’s demand for battery life in 5g era. Lenovo rescuer E-sports Pro has built-in dual X-axis linear motor, which can adapt to up to 140 kinds of vibration feedback effects. It can realize the effect of listening and identifying position in large-scale games such as. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction