Research: Dating apps show that owning an iPhone is 76% more likely to be “matched”

Apple iPhone users are more likely than Android users to get a match on popular dating apps, with little hope of a match if they use BlackBerry, according to a new study. According to the study, owners of Apple iPhones, apple watch and airpods are 76% more likely to have these devices in their dating profiles than users who have other devices or don’t display any high-tech products. < / P > < p > the study, conducted by comparemymabile, analyzed the results of 50000 & quot; slides and matches on popular dating apps. The site creates the same profile, the only difference being the emergence of technology brands. As a result, users with iPhones are 76% more likely to be & quot; matched. Apple watch contributed 61%, while airpods contributed 41%. < / P > < p > as for Android devices, owning Samsung’s showcase actually provides a positive mood, with a 19% increase in the likelihood of matching. However, users with Google devices will have a 10% less chance of being matched. Sony device users will be 14% less likely to match, while Huawei mobile phone users and oneplus device users will be reduced by 23% and 30% respectively. < / P > < p > the study found that the worst device to display in dating profiles was the BlackBerry. Owning a BlackBerry actually has a 74% negative impact on the chance of being matched. Which technology products are most suitable for display in user profiles varies from city to city. In New York, for example, Apple’s airpods are most likely to make a blind date. In London, the iPhone 11 is listed as the hottest technology;. < / P > < p > other findings of the study show that women are more concerned about the high-tech choices of potential matches than men, while millennials are more likely to be influenced by their date’s smartphone than by the car they drive. < / P > < p > the method of this study examined the data of more than 50000 brushes from 15 major cities. In each case, the profile is the same except for the technology depicted, and comparemymabile compares the results with the absence of technology in the dating profile at all. Skip to content