Resurrect a second to change the name of the knife one step faster! Rog game phone 3 with magic double shoulder key, operation show

Recently, a lot of new 5g game machines have been produced in the mobile phone market. These professional game phones have different interactive experience compared with ordinary mobile phones, in addition to the extreme stacking. For example, the Rog game phone 3, which has been on sale in recent rounds, continues the shoulder key design of the previous generation, and is a newly upgraded 2 * 2 airtrigger double shoulder key, which can realize super rich interactive experience and let players enjoy more extreme game effects. < / P > < p > the reason why it is called 2 * 2 airtrigger double shoulder key is that the shoulder key carried by Rog game phone 3 can realize “one-to-two mapping”. The shoulder keys on both sides of it have touch sensors and motion sensors respectively. Four point touch, long press gesture, and sliding gesture can realize various operation modes. Just set up in the new intelligent control center of Rog game phone 3, you can input the mapping area for the double shoulder key, press the pressure degree, etc., and the players can customize a set of operation gestures that are most suitable for their own, so as to realize the four finger linkage God operation easily. < / P > < p > for example, in popular mobile games, resurrection a second name changing knife can almost help summoners to have more blood sticks in group war, and even determine the success or failure of the game. But this “Sao operation” is often a God to achieve, hand disabled party players are not finished to lie down in situ, each change is unsatisfactory. The Rog official blog kindly sent out a video teaching on how to use the 2 * 2 airtrigger double shoulder button to teach. You just need to slide left into the game wizard in the game board, set the shoulder key to “one-sided double key”, and then set the mapping positions respectively. After the revival a in the game is triggered, you can quickly change into the famous Dao by clicking the shoulder keys on both sides, which can easily realize the “four finger operation” of the God version. < / P > < p > in different types of popular mobile games, such as, and so on, the setting of 2 * 2 airtrigger double shoulder key of Rog game phone 3 is the same. Players can define the working area of shoulder key mapping according to their own needs. After setting, they can shoot faster and aim more accurately. Rog has been well debugged in the design of the shoulder key of the game phone. In addition, the game phone 3 with Rog is deeply customized with Tencent. The game ecological construction and in-house optimization are very mature. Therefore, the interaction of the shoulder key has the characteristics of low delay and high precision. < / P > < p > it is worth mentioning that macro function is also upgraded in Rog game mobile phone 3, in order to help users realize “hands free” operation in some role games. For example, after selecting the “macro” function on the left side of the game interface and inputting the user-defined actions, the Rog game mobile phone 3 can automatically play the game for the user, automatically play strange things and brush the economy, so as to improve the operation efficiency, and the players can get a more humanized game experience. This is also the difference between professional game players and ordinary mobile phones in the interaction. < / P > < p > can achieve such a rich interactive effect, but also thanks to the very extreme hardware configuration of Rog game phone 3. In addition to the snapdragon 865 plus processor + UFS In addition to 3.1 + lpddr5 memory, it also has 144hz + 270Hz high frame screen, which can realize the high frame mode operation of many popular mobile games and reach 25ms touch response; equipped with 6000mAh super capacity battery, the game has a sense of security; dual forward speakers, with the strength of the second highest in the audio ranking, offer the ultimate game sound effect; matrix triple cooling system + external cooling fan, the game will not be affected by Stuck for fever. < / P > < p > as players of daily game, it is reasonable for more and more people to choose professional game phones. After all, more professional game devices will offer more rich interactive effects and more extreme game experience. For example, Rog game phone 3 will focus on upgrading the 2 * 2 airtrigger double shoulder key and macro function based on the current strongest hardware configuration, and cooperate with the new intelligent control center, so that players can enjoy the interactive fun of professional game phones. It’s no wonder that the popularity of Rog game phone 3 is still high after its launch. If you are interested, you may as well learn about it. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”

Author: zmhuaxia