reversal! Iqoo product manager says there is no snapdragon 860 mobile platform at all

Previously, the @ digital chat station tweeted that “after looking at the research data of oppo, it seems that Qualcomm is also going to push the 5g chip of Xiaolong 8 series, which can fill the gap between Series 7 and series 8 with a little chop.” In addition, the blogger also disclosed that “if you hear me correctly, what oppo said at the product communication meeting was snapdragon 860 / 870? The name hasn’t been decided yet. In addition, the snapdragon 875 series may also have Lite versions. ” < / P > < p > in addition to the blogger, other bloggers on the Internet have recently disclosed news about the snapdragon 860, and it is reported that the oppo reno5 Pro Series will carry the chip. However, on August 26, iqoo product manager @ Golan V tweeted that “there is no snapdragon 860 mobile platform” and “Xiaolong 765G” is under the Xiaolong 865 mobile platform. @In this speech, Golan V officially denied the rumor that there was a snapdragon 860 mobile platform. < / P > < p > prior to this, it was reported that oppo reno5 series was about to be released, with three products of reno5, reno5 pro and reno5 PRO +. Among them, reno5 uses snapdragon 775g processor, reno5 Pro Series adopts snapdragon 860 mobile platform, and supports 40W Wireless Flash charging, which was first launched in China. < / P > < p > in addition, for the snapdragon 860 mobile platform, it was previously reported that it adopts a 7Nm process and supports 5g network. The baseband configuration is consistent with that of the snapdragon 865 and the snapdragon 865 plus mobile platforms. It may be a simplified version of the snapdragon 875 and may be launched by oppo. New product launch