Rice noodles and rice noodles? Redmi K30 ultimate in depth experience: full Super Cup

Lei Jun’s speech on Xiaomi’s 10th anniversary lasted for more than four hours. However, in these four hours, the author thinks that the content is very detailed – < / P > < p > but in the second half, it seems that Xiaomi is more pragmatic and does not change his original intention. Xiaomi has released Xiaomi’s 10 supreme commemorative edition and redmi, which can be called without regret and paying homage to the classic Before the official in-depth interpretation of K30 supreme commemorative edition < / P > < p > the author still wants to put forward the price: 1999 is also the price of the first generation of Xiaomi mobile phone, and now, ten years later, Hongmi redmi has returned to this fixed price, which can be said to be a tribute to the “extreme mobile phone and extreme pricing”. < / P > < p > first of all, in terms of the general design, the redmi K30 supreme commemorative edition continues the design of the previous generation of redmi K30 pro, but also makes some changes. For example, in the overall material selection, K30 supreme commemorative edition uses smooth glass, while the previous K30 Pro is made of Ag frosted glass. < / P > < p > in addition, on the rear lens module, the K30 supreme edition more succinctly eliminates the line embellishment on the outer ring of the camera module, making the back cover more integrated. In terms of screen quality, redmi K30 premium commemorative edition is equipped with a 6.67 inch pop-up full screen, and the screen resolution has reached 120Hz, 240Hz touch sampling rate, hdr10 + display and 100% dci-p3 color gamut, which can be said to make up for a big regret of the previous K30 pro. < / P > < p > experiential configuration: redmi K30 premium commemorative edition supports the 360 ° super light sensing technology of Xiaomi 10, which is equipped with light sensors on the front and back of the phone, so as to realize linear screen brightness adjustment. < / P > < p > in terms of cameras, when the front lens of the redmi K30 supreme commemorative edition is raised, it can light up the equivalent of a specific color, which is full of ritual feeling. In addition, the redmi K30 supreme commemorative edition also made enough articles on the loudspeaker, which added a superlinear two in one handset speaker and the bottom speaker to form a dual stereo speaker, which is also a pity for the previous generation of single speakers. < / P > < p > core configuration: redmi K30 premium commemorative edition is equipped with Tianji 1000 + 5g SOC, which is based on 7Nm process technology and adopts eight core architecture. In terms of performance, it is only inferior to Qualcomm snapdragon 865. From the comparison of the quantitative run point data, the performance gap is about 10%, but Tianji 1000 + is much cheaper and more cost-effective. < / P > < p > then, in the author’s eyes: remdi K30 supreme commemorative edition is the embodiment of Xiaomi’s reshaping cost performance on redmi, do you agree? 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!