Rizhao increases 5g network coverage, mobile phone turns into “new farm tool” to get rid of poverty and become rich

2020 is the end of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. In order to deepen the application of 5g in targeted poverty alleviation and promote the vertical development of “Internet + poverty alleviation”, Rizhao mobile further deepened the coverage of surrounding rural network on the basis of 5g outdoor continuous coverage in the main urban area and the core areas of each county. In order to make farmers get rid of poverty, Rizhao should establish a new and stable marketing channel for farmers. < / P > < p > “since using 5g network, four or five mobile phones live at the same time are very smooth.” Wang Mingguang, who is in charge of shanhezhui Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd., said that after Rizhao Mobile’s 5g network signal coverage, their agricultural products sales live broadcast work is more and more comfortable. < p > < p > on November 11, in this shannashui Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd., the news reporter of dazhong.com.poster saw that the anchor of the company was introducing ginger, yam, sweet potato and other crops to the audience in front of the screen. One side of the office, the staff are busy processing orders, packaging and shipping. The live broadcast of e-commerce has opened up the online sales channels of sangyuan Town, continuously enhanced the popularity of local agricultural products, and accelerated the pace of farmers to get rid of poverty and become rich. On the “double 11” day alone, the company received more than 1600 orders with a turnover of 60000 yuan. Houhuangshan village, sangyuan Town, Juxian County, is a city level poverty-stricken village. Planting taro, sweet potato and other crops is the main economic source of the villagers. On the morning of November 11, Li Jie, the village’s “net red”, took reporters to a taro field. Through “slow live broadcasting”, he showed the pastoral scene, villagers’ picking and taro close-up, so that more people could understand the pollution-free and pollution-free production process of crops in houhuangshan village. < / P > < p > “today, the mobile company specially came to the field to optimize 5g signal. The live broadcasting with 5g signal in the field is much more stable than before, faster than the WiFi at home, and the stable HD images also enhance the watching and shopping experience of fans.” Li Jie said. In less than a year, he attracted the attention of nearly 60000 fans by carrying goods through live broadcasting. The crops in houhuangshan village went to the whole country, which helped the villagers to get rid of poverty and become rich. At the same time, Li Jie also changed Li Jie from a “new farmer” to a “Xingnong” in revitalizing the countryside. < / P > < p > the integration of 5g + e-commerce has brought a new change and experience to the e-commerce in sangyuan town. In order to continuously innovate the live broadcast content, it has driven the sales of agricultural products. Sangyuan town government has created a rural digital economy entrepreneurship space and organized e-commerce enterprises to carry out a series of activities, including agricultural products promotion and “online celebrity” training and learning. This year, more than 50 “online celebrities” have been trained, and the town’s e-commerce income is expected to exceed 30 million yuan, laying a solid foundation for promoting the e-commerce economy of sangyuan town in Juxian County. Gao Yuexing, deputy general manager of Juxian branch of Rizhao mobile, said, “our Rizhao mobile company deployed ahead of time, checked network resources and line resources, optimized and expanded 5g project equipment, so that the e-commerce in sangyuan town has a good network perception in the live broadcast process.” Poverty alleviation through consumption is an effective way to consolidate the achievements of poverty alleviation. Through the way of “5g + e-commerce live broadcast”, sangyuan town has truly realized the integration of information technology and real economy, broken the space restriction between villagers and consumers, and let more villagers seize the opportunity of “Internet +”. In the next step, Rizhao mobile will continue to compact the responsibility of poverty alleviation, give full play to the responsibility of state-owned enterprises, continue to promote the construction of rural 5g projects, and contribute “mobile” force to the decisive victory of poverty alleviation. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo