RMB 2999 can experience 65W super flash charging, oppo reno4 is worth owning

With the advent of 5g era, mobile phone power anxiety is becoming more and more serious. In the case of no breakthrough in battery technology, major manufacturers have embarked on the road of fast charging. < / OC >, as an early mobile phone manufacturer, has been upgrading its technology for many times. At the same time, oppo is also committed to bringing faster charging technology to cheaper phones. Oppo reno4 is such a product, you can take 65W super flash charging home for only 2999 yuan. < / P > < p > the measured data show that oppo reno4 can charge the 4020mah battery with 60% power in 15 minutes, and the fastest time is 36 minutes. With the acceleration of the pace of life, everyone’s time has gradually become fragmented. With 65W super flash charging, fragment time can also be used for charging. It only takes five minutes to charge, and you can have four hours of continuous chasing power. < / P > < p > in addition to charging, the design of oppo reno4 is also very noteworthy. Since the 5g era, the thickness and weight of mobile phones are becoming more and more uncontrolled, which will undoubtedly reduce the feel of use. While oppo reno4 adheres to the concept of light and thin, controlling the weight of the mobile phone to 183g and the thickness to 7.8mm. At the same time, oppo reno4 further improves the handle and recognition of the product through the new Reno glow process and camera design. < / P > < p > in addition, oppo Reno series has been very good at video shooting, also ushered in further upgrading. On the basis of the super anti shake and real-time virtual beauty of the previous generation of video, oppo reno4 has added a new super night scene video mode, greatly improving the brightness, color and clarity of the night scene video. It is simply a vlog artifact for friends gathering. < / P > < p > it is reported that the starting price of oppo reno4 is 2999 yuan, and there are 24 phases of interest free, limited time gift of Bluetooth speakers, points to cash up to 200 yuan and other benefits. Experience faster charging speed with less money, oppo reno4 you deserve. Privacy Policy

Author: zmhuaxia