Rog phone 3 has a hidden 160hz refresh rate mode

The Rog phone 3, which was launched a few days ago, is one of the most powerful Android smartphones in terms of functionality and configuration. With its snapdragon 865 plus processor and 144hz refresh rate, the phone’s early feedback was quite impressive. Now some developers have discovered that Rog phone 3 also has a hidden 160hz refresh rate mode.

this feature was found by mishaal Rahman, editor of XDA developers, who also found a way to activate it. According to the related post, he found a reference to the high refresh rate mode in the settings application while trying to understand how the phone switches between refresh rates.

he finally found a debug command that allowed the option to set the refresh rate to 160hz to appear in the settings menu. After that, you can select the 160hz refresh rate option under the display settings.

it seems that ASUS may not have completed the test function, which is why it is hidden. It is hoped that future updates will unlock the feature for all users without having to perform complex processes.

Author: zmhuaxia