Rongke Technology: in the future, the company will adhere to the development strategy of “medical intelligent innovation value, health data sharing future”

Tonghuashun financial research center on August 6, investors to Rongke technology questions, secretary, hello. What are the components of the company’s business and what is the percentage of their current contribution to the company? Which area will the company focus on in the future? Thank you for your attention! The company’s main businesses are smart healthcare, health data and Zhiwei cloud. Smart medical and health data business segment mainly provides customers with standard and efficient medical informatization software products and services based on clinical informatization subdivision products and health big data platform; Zhiwei cloud business segment is mainly positioned as a new generation of cloud service value-added provider, with Zhiwei cloud platform as the core, and continues to provide services for Finance, education, medical care, government, energy, communication, etc Business customers provide dual service support combining full stack cloud value-added services and standard value-added services, as well as cloud selection, cloud application and cloud usage solutions. By the end of 2019, the company’s health data service revenue accounted for 52.22%, and the intelligent convergence cloud service business accounted for 47.63%. The company’s health data service business accounted for a steady increase. In the future, the company will adhere to the development strategy of “innovative value of medical intelligence and future of health data sharing”, continuously tap the business potential around health care and big data, rely on the resource advantages of various medical business segments and product lines of Rongke, and focus on the development center of smart medical strategy, and carry out the construction of medical industry channels and partners, To create a more distinctive Rongke medical and health industry ecosystem, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win situation of manufacturers, dealers and medical institutions in the ecosystem. With “intelligent operating room, intelligent ward and intelligent hospital” as the construction goal, the company will provide customers with a new generation of overall solutions for smart hospitals by combining the products of its subsidiaries. At the same time, around the product chain and ecological chain of clinical medical informatization, we should build industry barriers in the field of clinical medical informatization, actively explore the establishment of health service platform and operation service mode based on big data analysis, and build unique growth advantages in the fields of health data analysis and clinical medical informatization. On the other hand, the company will explore new service modes in the field of big data, provide overall solutions for customers in various industries, and create a two horizontal and five vertical system architecture with government enterprises and operators as the main line, so as to bring perfect integrated services to customers and become a new smart city solution Solution providers and cloud value-added service providers. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine