“Rotten Street” products must be good? These four Huawei mobile phones have different opinions!

Now the number of mobile phone products is very large, it is not easy to choose a suitable model. However, among many models, there are still many “rotten Street” mobile phone products. The number of users of these products is very large, but they are only some old models. After all, the new phones have just been released for a short time, so it is difficult to achieve the situation of “rotten Street”. However, many users think that the products of “loudajie” must be excellent and good, but this matter may not be so accurate. Take the next four Huawei mobile phones that will be talked about with you. Although it is a bit “rotten Street”, there are still different opinions. < / P > < p > there are many mobile phone users who choose glory V20, but most of them are follow-up choices. There are not many mobile phone users selected in the early stage. If there is no substantial price reduction, it is difficult for mobile phone users to choose glory V20, which is also a place of mixed praise and criticism. Users make complaints about the early choice of users. But fortunately, the strength of the glory V20 is excellent. The most fashionable full screen with holes under the screen, 4000 Ma large battery, liquid cooling, infrared remote control, 3.5mm headphone hole, Kirin 980, link turbo technology, AI dual band GPS, 48 million Sony imx586 and TOF stereo depth lens are also the reasons for the “rotten Street”. < / P > < p > although the high-end flagship is hard to be called “rotten Street” products, Huawei mate20pro is still popular in the mobile phone market. Even now, many users recommend Huawei mate20pro. We should know that Huawei mate20pro has a strong strength, especially the 2K screen resolution, which is very popular with users. The matrix layout of the rear three camera plus flash lamp is similar to the shape of the classic Super running lamp. It is extremely simple and avant-garde, and shows a unique sense of future science and technology. At the same time, the Kirin 980 processor is not out of date, so Huawei mate 20 Pro has become a product of “rotten Street”. Make complaints about

glory 9X is a universal praise. Although the power of 10W charger is too small at the beginning, it is not in line with the market in the mobile phone market at that time. However, glory 9x has become very popular now, especially the Kirin 810 processor, which has a strong strength near the same price, which directly defeated the MediaTek and snapdragon models at that time. Moreover, it adopts the lifting lens design, giving the glory 9x the ultimate proportion of the screen. Although the number of cameras is not as large as that of its competitors, imx582 has flagship level imaging effect and Huawei algorithm. Taking photos is no worse than flagship, which is one of the reasons for “rotten Street”. < p > < p > glory 20pro belongs to a very low-key mobile phone product. However, in the user’s evaluation, the reputation of glory 20pro is excellent, and even it is difficult to find the existence of defects. For example, the ability to take photos was evaluated by DxO, a global authoritative mobile camera evaluation organization. The comprehensive quality score of the rear camera was 111 points. It is equipped with a 980 processor, which is more in line with the market trend. At the same time, it also supports super NFC, ultra-high-speed link turbo, super Bluetooth technology, etc. “rotten Street” is also normal. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine