Rtx3080 run sub exposure, 4K resolution performance, bandwidth amazing!

Some time ago, NVIDIA officially announced the release time of rtx30 Series graphics card, which was set on September 1, that is, less than half a month. As the release time approached, more information was gradually exposed, such as the running score problem that everyone was very concerned about. < / P > < p > such high bandwidth makes rtx3080 more comfortable when dealing with high-resolution games. In addition, from the maximum main frequency of 2.1GHz, it can be inferred that rtx3080 and rtx2080 are similar in frequency, which makes people wonder whether the frequency of other rtx30 Series graphics cards will maintain the same level. < / P > < p > in addition, there is a piece of material that exposed the rtx3090 graphics card. The exposure specification shows that the basic frequency of rtx3090 is 1410mhz, and the acceleration frequency is 1740mhz. This is the first time that NVIDIA restarts the series number after gtx690, which makes people wonder how high the performance of rtx3090 will be. Science Discovery