Russia and the United States hold consultations on space security for the first time in seven years. Russian media: not optimistic

Russia and the United States held consultations on the demilitarization of space in Vienna on the 27th. This is the first bilateral contact between Russia and the United States on the space issue in seven years, but Russian media are not optimistic about the consultation.

according to Russian reports, it is important for Russia and the United States to hold consultations on space security, because many countries are worried that “Star Wars” may become a reality. Russian retired major general Dworkin said that both the US missile defense system and Russia’s s S-500 air defense missile system can theoretically destroy satellites, which is more effective than deploying weapons into space. Therefore, the two countries need to negotiate and negotiate to determine which equipment can be deployed in space and which equipment cannot. There is no agreement to ban the deployment of laser weapons or other equipment into space; if a country deploys these weapons into space, an arms race in space will follow.

the Russian news agency quoted Russian experts as saying on the 27th that the US side used ultimatum tone to accuse Russia of testing anti satellite system in space, which may hinder the constructive dialogue between the two countries. Regardless of the outcome of the negotiations, the United States may blame Russia for the fault. According to Russian reports on the 27th, makiyenko, deputy director of the Russian strategic and technical analysis center, said that Russia and the United States may not be able to reach an agreement to prevent the militarization of space during the Vienna consultations. Due to the clear position of the United States on this issue, it is unlikely that the two countries can reach an agreement on this issue. The United States has always wanted to remain dominant in space.

Author: zmhuaxia