Sales of domestic 5g mobile phones are down. Are consumers waiting for the iPhone 12 next month?

According to the data released by the National Academy of communications and communications, China’s mobile phone shipment fell by more than 30% month on month in July. Among them, 5g mobile phone shipments, which had previously seen a rapid rise in sales, also fell sharply year-on-year. It seems that customers are waiting for the iPhone 12 to be announced and refuse to buy domestic 5g handsets. < p > < p > according to the data information, China’s 5g mobile phone shipment volume in July was 13.911 million, compared with 17.513 million in the last month, a sharp drop of 20.6% year-on-year. Compared with the previous 5g mobile phone shipment, China’s 5g mobile phone industry in July was severely shrunk. < p > < p > previously, China’s 5g mobile phone industry has been developing in a good direction, and the 5g mobile phone style has been continuously improved. Among the new mobile phone styles released by the companies on mobile phones, the share of 5g mobile phones is more than 50%, which shows that famous brands of domestic smart phones have taken 5g mobile phones as their key orientation. < / P > < p > mobile phone companies have launched 5g mobile phones with huge investment, and the price is becoming more and more cost-effective. The price of 5g mobile phones is gradually approaching 1000 yuan, and the naturally expensive 5g mobile phones are more than 10000 yuan. The rich selection takes into account the requirements of consumers of each consumption level in China. < / P > < p > operators are also rapidly reducing the price of 5g packages. China Mobile, China’s largest operator, has reduced the price of 5g packages to at least 69 yuan, which is very close to its average ARPU value of 50 yuan, which represents that more customers can afford 5g services. < / P > < p > in accordance with the truth, under the care of many parties, the sales of 5g mobile phones should be further soaring. However, it is really cruel. The sales volume of 5g in China has dropped significantly year on year. This undoubtedly shows that the joint efforts of operators and mobile phone companies still fail to attract customers to actively purchase 5g mobile phones. < / P > < p > this may be due to customers waiting for apple to release new iPhones in September. It is understood that IPHONE2 will release four new iPhones in September, 2020, all of which support 5g technology. It is reported that the most cost-effective iPhone 12 will be within 5000 yuan. < / P > < p > this means that the price of the iPhone 12 is lower than that of the iPhone 11, and the iPhone 12 is also the first release of the 5g version of the iPhone, and the technology is further upgraded. The iPhone 11, which was announced last year with a price of 5000 yuan, has been the most popular mobile phone in the world. However, the price of the iPhone 12 has dropped further. It is no wonder that so many customers are waiting for the iPhone 12. < p > < p > the decline in sales of 5g mobile phones is a big blow to domestic smart phones. They originally expected 5g technology to attract a large number of customers to replace mobile phones, but now the sales volume of 5g mobile phones has dropped unexpectedly, which shows that fierce market competition among mobile phone companies still fails to attract customers to buy, and domestic smart phone brands hope 5g technology can promote sales My wish has long been destroyed. Continue ReadingDeveloped a “plug and play” solar power generation scheme, and “5B” won a $12 million round a financing