Sales of elderly computers increase rapidly; smart machines with “simple” system are more suitable for the elderly

To solve the “problem” of the elderly during the epidemic, the new products of mobile phone manufacturers can call up the health treasure with one click < / P > < p > to help the elderly cross the “digital divide” has become a hot topic, and the field of smart phones for the elderly has also received more attention. In the early morning of November 11, within half an hour, the 5g mobile phones and game phones of Jingdong platform ushered in a breakthrough growth. Among them, the turnover of mobile phones with the key words of “old people’s machine” increased by 185% year-on-year. < p > < p > research shows that there are three main difficulties faced by the elderly when using smart phones: first, they are prone to anxiety when using new technologies. Although the elderly are very willing to contact and learn to use intelligent devices, they are always worried that they will misoperate or damage the products in the actual use process, thus causing anxiety. < / P > < p > the second reason is that the physiological function decline caused by the increase of age does not match the current intelligent technology mainly for young people. Older people have certain psychological and physical limitations, and they are prone to problems when they interact with products. For example, the touch interface of smart phones is visual oriented and lacks of physical feedback, which makes the elderly prone to errors and frustration when using them. People in the industry believe that, on the whole, the acceptance and mastery of technology of the elderly in China are higher than those in the West. For example, many elderly people in China use smart phones and use wechat. Wechat alone can solve most of the demand for smart phones. For the current generation of older people who “touch the Internet” later, they are more inclined to give physical feedback and touch feeling than touch screen; at the same time, they are not adapted to the more complex software interface and ubiquitous links and pop-up windows. It is suggested that mobile app developers set up the “entrance” for the elderly, which is a bit similar to the parent mode, giving a more simple entrance for special groups , permissions and interface. < p > < p > some models of Huawei imagination and Xiaomi Hongmi are equipped with simple mode or minimalist mode, which are specially designed for middle-aged and elderly people. This mode has a more concise interactive interface. The screen with more than 6 inches on the front page is covered with the six most commonly used function icons, such as weather, news, camera, wechat, SMS and telephone, so you don’t have to worry about pressing the wrong location. It can also be set to make sound when pressing the key, such as reading out the phone number and reading short message, etc., which is more friendly to the old friends with vision loss by cooperating with large font. < / P > < p > a student machine of Xiaomi ecological chain is also favored by the elderly. It not only has simplified functions, but also has built-in voice assistant, which can control the time, weather, news and other information. < / P > < p > is positioned as the Meizu 17 of the student machine, and it can quickly become an old-age machine by opening the large font simple mode. Family Guardian function is also applicable to the elderly, mainly including anti fraud, family search, remote assistance and other functions. If the guarded mobile phone receives suspected fraud messages or calls, it will notify the host, which can be identified by the host and can be blackmailed. < / P > < p > at the same time, Nokia and Philips have also launched the traditional and modern button smart phones to join the “elderly” camp. This kind of mobile phone adopts Android intelligent system, touch screen and button double operation, which is more friendly for some elderly people who are more suitable for traditional mobile phone typing. < / P > < p > for example, the recently released Nokia C3 mobile phone has solved the problem that the media has been calling for since the epidemic this year: it can call up the health code with one key. Although it is a low-end entry-level product, it is enough to meet the basic “digital” needs of the elderly. The “heart to heart” button on the left side of the mobile phone can call up common software, video news, health code and other functions with one button. It doesn’t need to let the elderly learn complicated operation steps, so it can go directly with one button. Old people tend to carry cash with them when they go shopping. The reason is that they won’t use mobile phone to pay. The “heart button” also perfectly solves this problem and makes it easy for the elderly to pay by mobile phone. The payment page can be called up by double-click the “heart button”, and payment can be made by using post fingerprint identification. The elderly do not need to find payment software and input password, which is simple and practical. < / P > < p > in addition, iPhones with fewer buttons are also favored by the elderly. To exit and switch the app, you only need to press the home key a few times, which can reduce some misoperations accordingly. However, in recent years, the iPhone system has been updated and its functions have become more and more cumbersome, and its friendliness to the elderly is also declining year by year. 865 optimization is different? These mobile phones should teach you a lesson!