Salute the guide of knowledge cool dog warm heart send teachers a year luxury VIP

“Teachers are engineers of human soul and inheritors of human civilization”. In order to pay homage to teachers who are in ordinary posts but have made extraordinary contributions, and when the whole society is carrying forward the social fashion of respecting teachers and attaching importance to education, the 36th teacher’s Day is coming. In order to pay homage to the guiders of knowledge, kugou music specially prepared a rich gift for more than 15 million teachers nationwide to express their respect and respect for teachers. < / P > < p > during the activity, teachers can access the activity page through the kugou Music App membership center. After completing the teacher identity authentication, they can get a year long kugou music luxury VIP for free to play cool dog music. < / P > < p > kugou music luxury VIP service is a member service system launched by kugou music music. Through the “kugou music luxury VIP” service, users can obtain 23 privileges, including free music download, hifi sound effect privilege, Download acceleration, free book coupon collection, etc; As well as personalized value-added services, such as ID, avatar pendant, comment area map privilege, member exclusive skin, etc. In addition, you can enjoy the same download privileges as music packages. < / P > < p > “when can the teacher listen to you again?” “thank you for changing your homework for us late at night.” “I miss the day when I was named by you.” “you have worked hard, teacher”. The “teacher” bears the heavy responsibility of teaching and educating people. People give the lofty title of “engineer of human soul” to the people’s teachers. They teach each other selflessly and tirelessly. Thank those teachers who have worked hard for us to teach us knowledge. < p > < p > in this special period, cool dog music gives a music gift to teachers. It is also hoped that teachers can listen to music to relax after busy work, temporarily forget the troubles in life and work, enjoy the relaxation and comfort brought by music, and better put their energy into teaching and educating people, so as to cultivate more talents for the society. Kugou music has always been adhering to the corporate mission of “delivering music and love to everyone”. Whether it is special planning during the epidemic period to let the psychological treatment and anxiety dispel in the special period, or give luxury VIP to medical workers all over the country to cheer them on, it has made a contribution to the society by virtue of its music platform advantages. This music gift for teachers all over the country not only expresses respect and wishes to teachers, but also reflects the social feedback and warmth of an enterprise growing up in the trend of reform and opening up and rapid development of science and technology. Baidu continues to work on quantum computing to lay a solid foundation for new infrastructure construction