Samsung 5g king of 9199 yuan, only 96% of the praise rate, poor comments exposed three shortcomings

, Samsung Note20 series official launch, but because of the high price, many consumers make complaints about it. However, according to the official data, Samsung note20 series still achieved good results in the first sale. In fact, excluding the price factor, Samsung note20 ultra is indeed one of the most outstanding models in the mobile phone market this year. At present, the value of this 9199 Samsung 5g king, the first batch of user evaluation has been out, it is worth buying? < / P > < p > on the third-party platform, Samsung note20 ultra has a positive rating of 96%, and most consumers are still satisfied with this mobile phone. After all, Samsung has the best screen and memory chip for the phone, and the industrial design of the phone is impeccable and the appearance is first-class. < / P > < p > as for the core configuration, Samsung note20 ultra specially replaced the snapdragon 865 processor with the snapdragon 865 plus according to the preferences of Chinese consumers. Of course, Samsung note20 ultra also has some small defects. According to the user’s poor comments, the disadvantages of Samsung note20 ultra are reflected in three aspects. < / P > < p > according to user feedback, the mobile phone can’t be photographed as soon as it reaches the hand. In addition, the camera module is the outbreak point of quality control problems. In addition to being unable to use normally, the Samsung note20 ultra camera module has been exposed, and the lens has left blank and abnormal sound. The camera was originally one of the core selling points of Samsung note20 Ultra. Whether it is a 100 million pixel main camera or a 50x zoom technology, it is very attractive to users. Now, it is really moving and surprising to see such a situation. < p > < p > Samsung note20 ultra is equipped with a 6.9-inch 120Hz refresh rate screen, which can provide users with shocking picture display effect, but also lead to fast consumption of mobile phone electrodes. In my opinion, 4500mAh battery is not qualified for this machine. In addition, although Samsung note20 ultra supports 45W fast charging technology, its standard charger is 25W charging, which is far behind the mainstream flagship. < / P > < p > s pen is always regarded as the symbol of Samsung note series mobile phones. Due to the integration of various functions, the stylus has been favored by many consumers. It can be said that many consumers who buy note series are looking for s pen. Suck S Pen handwriting does not seem to be able to make complaints about this year. < / P > < p > of course, although the above problems occur frequently, compared with the huge base of Samsung note20 ultra users, the problem of users purchasing mobile phones is actually a small probability event. What do you think of Samsung note20 ultra? Let’s talk about your point of view. Continue ReadingIqoo5 series debut strength interpretation of “120 super full mark flagship”