Samsung 65W charger certified or built for next generation Galaxy series flagship

In recent years, with the rapid development of fast charging technology, the charging speed of mobile phones has changed from a few hours in those years to tens or even more than ten minutes. Moreover, it has been gradually released to the middle end products, which has brought a lot of convenience for the majority of users. When they are anxious to go out, they only need to plug in for a short time to get a lot of power. As an international giant, Samsung has always been very conservative in terms of fast charging. At a time when many manufacturers’ 50W and 65W have been popularized in high-end and flagship products, only Samsung’s Galaxy note10 + and this year’s Galaxy S20 ultra support 45W fast charging, and even the note20 series only supports 25W charging. Recently, a 65W Samsung charger has been certified, which seems to indicate that next year’s Galaxy series flagship new machine is expected to get higher charging power. According to South Korean media reports, a Samsung charger named ep-ta865 passed the certification on September 23. Judging from this model, it should be the upgraded version of last year’s 45W power ep-ta845, with a maximum power of 65W. At present, Samsung does not support 65W fast charging mobile phone products, so this brand-new charger should be built for Samsung’s new products next year. The most likely one is the next generation of Galaxy series flagship which is expected to appear in the first quarter of next year. Although the domestic flagship has come to 120W fast charging, for Samsung, 65W is a very big progress. < / P > < p > the appearance of this charger indicates from the side that Samsung will launch a mobile phone that supports 65W fast charging in the future. However, there is no very definite information indicating that it is the flagship of the next generation Galaxy series. Moreover, according to Samsung’s previous routine, 65W fast charging will only have the top product support, while other products are likely to continue to maintain the charging power of 25W Rate. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?

Author: zmhuaxia