Samsung enlarges the move, snapdragon 875 + 100 million pixels + 5200mAh, this is the strength of Samsung

Nowadays, mobile phones are divided into two camps: Android and apple. Except for apple, other manufacturers are equipped with Android system, but they are localized. Samsung, which has been rooted in Android system for the longest time, is also the most mature mobile phone manufacturer. Moreover, Samsung is paying more and more attention to innovation. Recently, several 5g flagship phones have begun to try, and they are no longer conservative. Recently, foreign media exposed a new Samsung 5g new machine. After confirmation by some technology bloggers, they learned that it was Samsung s30ultra. So what did Samsung prepare for consumers this time? The Samsung S30 ultra with exposure parameters < / P > < p > is said to be available in early January of 21, but the price has not been announced. Samsung s30ultra is said to be equipped with a 6.76-inch dynamic AMOLED screen, supporting off screen cameras and a refresh rate of 144hz, which is a high-quality screen. Samsung s30ultra also uses the snapdragon 875 processor, which is the first 5 nm chip of Qualcomm. It adopts a new built-in 5g baseband, and a new architecture of CPU, which reduces power consumption by 30%. < / P > < p > this time, Samsung s30ultra also sent out information on heat dissipation. This time, it will be equipped with multiple three-dimensional heat dissipation, which has high heat dissipation efficiency and can cool the mobile phone in a short time. The Samsung S30 ultra is also more concerned about the battery life this time. It is equipped with a 5200 Ma graphene battery and supports AI power saving technology. It is said that it can last for 13 hours, but the specific charging power was not informed. The final exposure is the configuration of the camera. Samsung S30 ultra will be equipped with a new ring-shaped five cameras, but only three of them have been exposed at present, namely, 100 million pixel main camera, 40 million pixel ultra wide angle camera and 32 million pixel long focus. < / P > < p > Samsung is a world-renowned mobile phone manufacturer. It ranks among the best in terms of popularity and sales volume. Moreover, Samsung’s screen has always been the strongest in the industry. The 144hz screen of Samsung’s S30 ultra upgrade is believed to show more details of the screen. Moreover, the new snapdragon 875 processor has higher stability than the previous generation snapdragon 865, and its performance is much more advanced. It can definitely help Samsung S30 ultra shine. Is Samsung s30ultra worth buying? Fifth personality will be updated, please remember your game account, otherwise you may not be able to play normally

Author: zmhuaxia