Samsung Galaxy A51 5g hot selling flagship configuration accelerates 5g popularity

With the popularity of 5g technology in China, more and more mobile phone manufacturers begin to make full efforts in this “battlefield”. Samsung, the world’s top shipping company for many years, is no exception. In addition to building 5g flagship mobile phones, Samsung has accelerated the injection of flagship technology into the mid-level product lineup. Among them, Samsung Galaxy a515g, which has been highly praised since its launch, is more representative. It not only enables consumers to experience the convenience and pleasure brought by high-speed network, but also has been recognized by users in terms of screen and photo taking. How to choose 5g mobile phone? In addition to considering the brand 5g technology, the performance of the processor also directly affects the speed performance. In this regard, the a515g not only relies on Samsung’s leading 5g technology, but also carries the exynos 980 processor developed by Samsung. As a result, the performance of the a515g is excellent enough, regardless of the actual running score or daily use. Therefore, the A51 can let users have super fast upload and download speed, and from then on, say goodbye to the delay situation and complete the command action between the fingers. When making video calls with friends and relatives, you can enjoy smooth and clear pictures without worrying about too long loading time or interrupting the call due to network speed problems; when using mobile phones for entertainment, you can also play movies smoothly and play various mobile games. < / P > < p > in addition, the galaxy A51 5g supports SA and NSA dual-mode networking, and the exynos 980 processor comes with integrated 5g baseband, which can further improve the service life of mobile phones. In addition, the mobile phone’s built-in 8GB ram + 128GB ROM and the maximum 1TB of extended storage support the operation and storage of more programs, to protect the skipping performance. < / P > < p > Samsung Galaxy A51 5g can stand out in 5g market. In addition to 5g experience, its all-round performance in appearance, screen and photo performance can not be ignored. < / P > < p > a515g first appeared in the eyes of users, and impressive is the star dot screen with central opening design, which has a sense of symmetry and coordination. In addition to the 6.5-inch screen and the proportion of ultra-high screens, a515g will enable users to truly experience immersive visual enjoyment when watching videos or focusing on games. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy A51 5g is light and comfortable to hold in the hand. There are three colors, namely, maze black, fresh white and groundnut powder, which further deepens its fashion attribute and is definitely the choice of young consumers. < / P > < p > in terms of photo performance, Samsung Galaxy A51 5g is equipped with a 32 million high-resolution camera, which is very suitable for girls who love to take pictures. The rear four camera module is equipped with a main camera of 48 million pixels, an ultra wide angle camera of 12 million pixels, a depth of field lens of 5 million pixels and a macro lens of 5 million pixels, so that users can easily shoot shocking scenes, record interesting moments or present artistic images. With the super stable mode, you can shoot a stable and smooth video, whether it’s an impromptu hand-held vlog or a record of an adventure. The simple and fashionable appearance design and excellent camera module have always been the reasons why Samsung Galaxy a series is popular among young users. Today, with the addition of high-performance 5g technology, Samsung Galaxy A51 5g is even more powerful! With it, you can fully experience the smoothness and convenience of 5g era, and get a comprehensive upgraded experience. Xiaomi new machine real machine exposure center dig hole screen design or high color thousand yuan machine