Samsung Galaxy a71 5g opens the door of generation Z

Do you know about generation Z? They are a generation born between 1995 and 2009. They are the aborigines of the Internet age, with their unique and distinctive labels. They are driven by the pursuit of fashion and identity. Even in the purchase of mobile phones, generation Z has its own ideas and concerns. Simple function accumulation can not move them with great personality. With insight into the unique needs of generation Z, Samsung also launched the galaxy a71 5g, which is more representative of the new trend of fashion. < / P > < p > when purchasing mobile phones in generation Z, “beauty is justice” is often followed. Therefore, the a715g mobile phone specially creates a more light and fashionable fuselage, with a thickness of only 8.1mm. With a smooth 3D curved fuselage, and a more ergonomic grip, the a715g mobile phone makes the appearance more light, flexible and in line with the aesthetic taste of young people. In terms of color matching, the Samsung Galaxy a71 5g mobile phone does not adopt the conventional scheme. The three fashionable color matching methods of cutting blue, carving silver and radium silk black, combined with the collision design of frosted back and bright light, brings a unique visual experience. It can easily become the focus of the whole field, whether indoor or outdoor. < / P > < p > the rise of such cultures as photo taking, clock in and vlog shows the Z generation’s pursuit and yearning for recording exquisite life. However, delicacy is not equal to expensive and luxury, but to find bright spots in the seemingly plain life and stir up the ripples that make you happy. The galaxy a71 5g mobile phone provides the best solution to “please yourself” for generation Z with its powerful camera and photography function. < / P > < p > the a715g is equipped with a rear multifunctional four camera, which is composed of 64 million pixel main camera, 12 million pixel ultra wide angle camera, 5 million pixel macro camera and 5 million pixel depth of field camera. In this way, it can not only capture more high-definition images, but also discover more beautiful scenery through ultra wide angle photography, which can be called a punch in artifact; with the help of macro camera, it can present the best details of the object to be shot within 40 mm range, which is especially useful when shooting delicious food; the use of background virtualization can better highlight the subject of the shooting and achieve more artistic shooting effect. What’s more, the galaxy a71 5g can record videos like a professional sports camera and record a wonderful journey smoothly. The playability of < / P > < p > products is far more attractive than parameters for generation Z. Samsung Galaxy a71 5g adopts a 6.7-inch super AMOLED plus display. As an upgraded version of super AMOLED, it brings more excellent and delicate picture quality and screen performance. Compared with the same price mobile phone, it is not only lighter, thinner, but also more power-saving. Whether playing games or watching variety show idol shows, you can enjoy the immersive experience. The a71 5g also carries Samsung’s top 5g technology and 4500 Ma battery, providing network protection for young consumers’ daily entertainment activities and eliminating the trouble of battery life. As a group of young people with strong personality and consumption ability, generation Z has gradually grown into a social force that can not be ignored, leading the trend of science and technology in the future. Samsung Galaxy a71 5g will attract more young people with its excellent appearance, powerful photo performance and fun and playability. Skip to content