Samsung Galaxy M51 product page online or officially launched in the near future

Previously, the foreign media 91mobiles brought us the news of Samsung Galaxy M51 mobile phone. They said the phone will be available in June, but it’s August and Samsung hasn’t officially launched it. On August 10, according to gsmarena, the product page of Samsung M51 appeared on Samsung’s Russian official website, which may indicate that the machine is about to be released. < / P > < p > as can be seen from Samsung’s official website, the model of this mobile phone is sm-m515f / DSN. The model information is consistent with the previous information, so it can be determined that it is the same mobile phone. However, the official website of Samsung Russia does not display the parameter information of Samsung M51 mobile phone, and there is no text to confirm its official release time. < / P > < p > although Samsung has not disclosed too much information about this mobile phone so far, we can know from the previous exposure information that Samsung M51 adopts a rear four camera design and carries its own isocell bright GW1 sensor. The sensor has 64 million pixels, reflecting from the side that the main camera of the phone is 64 million pixel lens. In addition, Samsung M51 also supports off screen fingerprint recognition and runs Android 10 system. Continue ReadingYueshang group has become the third social e-commerce service platform listed in China after being gathered in pinduoduo

Author: zmhuaxia