Samsung Galaxy note20 is coming online soon, PC in your pocket is coming!

[pconline information] there is still one day to go before the Samsung Galaxy note20 series new product experience conference. I believe we are all looking forward to it! Let’s take a look at it. < / P > < p > this time, Samsung Galaxy note20 series is known as “PC in the pocket”, which is very convenient to work. The new product is equipped with the upgraded s pen and the galaxy note20 ultra 5g 120Hz curved full screen, which makes the pen more accurate and realistic. At the same time, the s pen can easily convert handwritten notes into editable text, and then convert the text into PowerPoint, which is suitable for office workers who need to modify documents at any time. < / P > < p > it can be said that the existence of s pen makes note taking more intelligent. It not only has automatic correction function for skew characters, but also supports information synchronization of mobile phones, tablets and laptops. If you edit memos on your mobile phone, your notes will be automatically saved, and you can easily synchronize and access them on other devices. It can be said that Samsung is full of sincerity this time. It is very considerate for office workers. Older posts →