Samsung Galaxy note20 released!

On August 5, Samsung held a new product launch and released a number of products, including Samsung Galaxy note 20 series, Samsung Galaxy fold2 and Samsung’s new Bluetooth headset. As a high-end business positioning product line, the note 20 series is not divided into medium cup and super large cup as S20 series, but there are only two versions Fold2 is the second generation product of Samsung’s improved folding screen product solution. < p > < p > Samsung Galaxy note 20 series is equipped with high pass snapdragon 865plus + x55 baseband to realize dual-mode 5g communication. In some regions, this model is equipped with Samsung’s self-developed integrated 5g chip exynos 990. Compared with the snapdragon 865 processor, the Qualcomm snapdragon 865plus has 10% improvement in GPU and CPU, while exynos Although 990 has a certain gap compared with this chip, it can also meet the business needs, and its experience in dual-mode 5g has not been better than that of high-pass x55 baseband. < / P > < p > in addition, Samsung note20 series also carries lpddr5 memory and ufs3.1 flash memory chips, both of which support usb3.2. There is no significant difference in performance between high configuration and low configuration versions. However, the difference between note 20 and ultra is also not small, mainly reflected in the screen, image and functionality. In terms of screen, both note20 series products use AMOLED central hole digging screen, but ultra uses curved screen design, which accounts for a higher proportion of screens. In addition, the refresh rate of the normal version is 60Hz, and the ultra version is 120Hz, and supports 270Hz touch sampling rate. The resolution of the first 1080p is 1080p, while the latter is 2K. In addition, the ultra version also has a peak brightness of 1500nit. The ultra version of the screen can be regarded as impeccable. Compared with the ordinary version, this screen level can only be regarded as the medium level of Android. In terms of image, the Samsung note 20 is equipped with 64 million pixel long focus main camera, 12 million pixel imx555 sensor and 12 million pixel ultra wide angle lens, which can support 3 times optical zoom + 30 times digital zoom, and 1 million pixels in front, all of which are barely visible Ultra is equipped with a 100 million pixel main camera, an ultra wide angle lens with 12 million pixels and a periscope long focus lens with 12 million pixels. It supports 5 times optical zoom and 50 quilt digital zoom, with 1 million pixels in front, which is the flagship level. < / P > < p > both the big cup and super large cup versions support 25W wired fast charging and 15W reverberation wireless charging. The battery capacity is 4300 Ma and 4500 Ma respectively. This level can’t be seen in the domestic market. However, overall, the competitiveness of Samsung note 20 ultra still has a certain moat. The Samsung note 20 will still be one of the representatives of the top business flagship. American companies begin to give up R & D: who should pay for corporate research?