Samsung Galaxy note20 series upgrades core ecosystem experience

In August, Samsung’s flagship Galaxy note20 series arrived as scheduled in the second half of the year. In addition to the high-profile smartphones Samsung Galaxy note20 and galaxy note20 In addition to ultra, a series of ecological products such as tablet computers, smart watches and Bluetooth headsets were released in the same period. In addition, the innovative form of the press conference also gave users a more intuitive and practical understanding of the application scenarios of these products. It can be said that the release of a number of products, regardless of primary and secondary, aims to provide users with a more perfect core ecosystem, in order to create a better intelligent terminal interconnection experience. < / P > < p > this time, Samsung Galaxy note20 series mobile phones have strong performance and complete functions, which can not only make users feel the productivity of computers in their work, but also provide users with a hearty game experience in their spare time, which has achieved a good balance between work and entertainment. < / P > < p > while Samsung Galaxy Tab s7s7 + provides users with a further efficient office experience with its excellent large screen and rich multi-function experience. With Samsung Galaxy note20 series mobile phones, it will further improve the efficiency of document processing with upgraded Samsung notes and enhanced s pen. For example, through the upgraded version of Samsung notes’ automatic saving and synchronization function, users can edit half of the documents in the mobile phone, which can be synchronized to the tablet computer in real time, so that users can continue to complete the rest. The enhanced version of s pen can further provide users with a smoother experience when they need to write notes quickly. < / P > < p > in addition, users of Samsung Galaxy watch3 and Galaxy buddies live can also enjoy a better experience with Galaxy note20 series. For example, when users use the professional video mode of galaxy note20 series, they can use Samsung Galaxy Budd live as the & quot; Microphone & quot; to achieve accurate remote reception, and can also use the noise reduction function to further reduce the ambient noise during the radio to ensure sound quality. After wearing Samsung Galaxy watch 3, not only can the call reminder be more timely, but also the function of real-time mobile phone search is highly praised among users. In addition, with Samsung health app, you can manage and monitor the physical condition of users more scientifically, so that users can understand the changes of users’ bodies in real time. < / P > < p > in addition to the interconnection with various products, Samsung Galaxy note20 series also supports the new upgrade to wireless DEX, which allows users to easily connect with the large screen TV supporting mirror image at home, and share the wonderful videos taken in the mobile phone with family and friends. The mobile phone can be turned into a & quot; touch panel & quot; to facilitate users to control the content of TV screen. Of course, if you have to deal with other affairs while sharing, users can switch the mobile phone screen to the content to be processed, such as reply to chat messages, and can not interfere with the content played on the large screen. < / P > < p > the seamless cooperation between various terminal products and services of Samsung Electronics can effectively deepen the user’s experience in work and entertainment, and enhance the smooth experience of users in handling important affairs, which is more efficient and convenient. The combination of Samsung Galaxy note20 series with other new products of Samsung Galaxy can bring users a more intelligent, more enjoyable, healthier and more enjoyable work and life style. Samsung’s new products released this time no longer focus on a certain product, but through the innovation experience brought by these core products, it has created an efficient ecosystem belonging to 5g era for users. Huawei mate40 concept machine exposed, Kirin 1020 + curved surface full-scale screen, beauty hanging on iPhone 12