Samsung Galaxy watch 3 issued by BOC: 41mm 2999 yuan, 45mm 3099 yuan

It home learned that the Samsung Galaxy watch 3 has two sizes of 45mm and 41mm. It adopts advanced metal texture color matching, including Obsidian black, cold mountain grey and misty gold, and is equipped with an iconic classic rotatable bezel. < p > < p > according to Samsung, Samsung Galaxy watch 3 is thinner and smaller than the previous generation, with an exquisite rotating bezel and a larger proportion of screens. Compared with the previous generation, it is thinner and smaller, and its weight is reduced by about 15%. The galaxy watch 3 is made of premium leather strap and the back of the strap is made of reinforced leather that prevents discoloration, making the strap more durable and durable. < / P > < p > the iconic appearance of galaxy watch3 provides a rich interface of dials, which can be combined and selected from more than 40 complex functions. < / P > < p > Galaxy watch3 uses red LEDs and infrared to estimate your oxygen saturation, the amount of oxygen in your blood. Oxygen saturation can directly reflect your physical condition, so you can use Samsung Galaxy watch3 to arrange your daily activities. < / P > < p > through its enhanced accelerometer, Galaxy watch3 can automatically detect a serious fall and send your emergency contact the location and distress signal in case of emergency. < / P > < p > the galaxy watch3 is equipped with more than 120 home exercise programs to help you exercise efficiently in your free time. When exercising, choose a course from your mobile phone and project it onto a TV or other device – your heart rate can be displayed in real time on your watch. Older posts →